Why You Shouldn’t Hire Your Own IT Person

While it may seem like a good idea to hire your own personal IT staff initially, it is important to do your own cost-savings analysis to make the right decision for your business. “In many instances, having a reputable MSP [Managed Services Provider] is far less expensive than hiring, training, and retaining your own IT staff,” says Cathie Briggette from Focus Technology Solutions. While there are some exceptions to this rule, it is generally more cost effective to outsource some, if not, all your IT. Additionally, information technology is growing and changing rapidly, and so it is impossible for one person to keep up with this vast industry effectively.

First Call Computer Solutions has assembled a team of A-level IT professionals who value customer service and want to assist you in making the right IT decisions for your business. The First Call team works together to maintain and trouble shoot your IT assets, utilizing multiple different expertise and backgrounds. Our professionals are equipped with industry leading tools and processes that have proven their effectiveness time and time again. If you are ready to reduce your IT related downtime and increase your employees productivity, contact First Call today!

Break-it and Fix-it Doesn’t Work

Break-it and fix-it is a passive maintenance method where a company waits for their equipment to break and then searches out the best way to repair or resolve the issue(s). This method is not cost effective as it increases downtime and requires more resources than necessary to fix the problem.

Here at First Call, we offer a proactive approach where your IT equipment is remotely monitored and updated as necessary. This approach allows for companies to identify potential issues before they arise, reducing the overall IT related downtime within the business. In addition to decreasing downtime, the proactive approach will also increase employee productivity and morale, decrease risk while increasing security, and increase your competitiveness and your bottom line. With Managed IT services you can avoid the infamous break-it and fix-it scenarios and get back to growing your business.

Treat Your IT Equipment Like You Would Treat Your Bugatti

Imagine that you entered a raffle and won the keys to a brand-new Bugatti Chiron. After squealing for joy and taking the car for a spin to show it off to your friends, you would probably then find a nice comfortable spot in a garage to keep it. While you own the car, you would make sure to perform routine maintenance on it so that it keeps in the same pristine condition as when you first won the car.

Your IT equipment deserves the same level of respect and care as your Bugatti Chiron with IT Managed Services.

It is no secret that performing regular maintenance on your car will keep it working properly longer and ease the pain when there is a larger mechanical issue. The same concept can also be applied to your business’s IT equipment. In our 15 plus years of experience, First Call has learned the importance of routine maintenance on IT equipment to keep assets working properly and reduce unnecessary costs associated with downtime.

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