Break-it and fix-it is a passive maintenance method where a company waits for its equipment to break and then searches out the best way to repair or resolve the issue(s). This method is not cost-effective as it increases downtime and requires more resources than necessary to fix the problem.

When it comes to your computer systems, hardware, and other tools, proactive measures are definitely the way to go!

Here’s why.


You may think it a waste to fix something that is not yet broken, or you may feel that you are throwing away money to solve problems you don’t yet have. However, what if they are just a little bit broken and you don’t notice, or it’s just not enough for you to care yet? For example, people who put off going to the dentist to have a cavity filled know that letting a little problem “go” too long results in a big, expensive root canal — or, in this case, an IT repair! Don’t be that guy. It is best to catch problems when they are small rather than letting them grow until they require major intervention and, quite often, even more money!


Everything from setting appointments to creating new accounts, setting up users to sending out invoices to customers is done via computer these days. It’s hard to think of any office task that does not involve technology. Picture this, your office computer glitches or your network goes on the fritz; not only will you lose time because you can’t use the equipment, but you’re also likely to lose time trying to pinpoint and fix the problem. A disruption like this could halt business operations for the day, week, or month due to limitations with distributions and manufacturing!


Unless you have a solid functioning backup plan, any hard drive or network storage problems will result in lost data! Bye bye information. Losing data can result in simple frustration or be catastrophic depending on how much and what kind of data you have lost. Not only should you be taking backup seriously, but you can also keep these kinds of problems to a minimum with proactive maintenance.


The break-fix mentality doesn’t usually concern itself with applying updates and keeping all systems patched and secure. As we’ve seen, these kinds of vulnerabilities can lead to viruses, ransomware, and an assortment of significant headaches.


Finally, let’s talk about that budget of yours. It’s much better to spend a few bucks now on maintenance, or even a monthly fee for managed IT services, than to spend thousands (possibly tens of thousands) of dollars repairing a major IT disaster. What would you rather do?

We have been in the co-managed IT space for decades. Let us show you the recipe.

Here at First Call, we offer a proactive approach where your IT equipment is remotely monitored and updated as necessary. As a client, you would be assigned a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) who is educated and equipt to guide your business down the right technical path. So whether your hardware needs a refresh or you need to replace your PC fleet, your vCIO will be with you every step of the way.

Our proactive approach allows companies to identify potential issues before they arise, reducing the overall IT-related downtime within the business. In addition to decreasing downtime, the proactive approach will also increase employee productivity and morale, decrease risk while increasing security, and increase your competitiveness and your bottom line. With Managed IT services, you can avoid the infamous break-it and fix-it scenarios and get back to growing your business.

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