We are all watching with much anticipation as the pandemic appears to be trending downward. However, while the downward trend (we hope) of COVID cases is excellent news, there is an upward trend of digital security breaches that have started to occur. There has been a massive uptick in scam calls, data breaches, and even high-profile technology firms getting compromised. With so many businesses in a tough financial spot after COVID, it is even more critical to be aware of their business data security.

Luckily, Microsoft was way ahead of the struggles of the pandemic, and it was a perfect time to charge forward with their genius strategy. We are all at least somewhat familiar with the email, file storage, and collaboration tools that the big cloud providers offer. However, many tools have historically been siloed from each other. Some devices are on-premise, and others are in the cloud with no real way to get one good look at the security of everything in your organization.

Microsoft completed a security study on their Xbox community and came to realize that there were some key security measures that, if put in place, could reduce breaches by a massive percent (I believe ranging from 80-99%). They then decided to start rolling out some of these security features across their on-premise and cloud solutions.

Microsoft has since re-branded its secure suite of tools to Microsoft 365 Business. We now go beyond the basic features of email, file storage, and collaboration to security across all applications and data, no matter if on-premise or in the cloud.

This security strategy has rapidly pushed Microsoft to bundle more and more features into their flagship 365 Business Premium offering over the last year. And since then, businesses are moving in flocks every day from their siloed tools to the consolidated and centrally secured solution….and so should you!

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