Here you have it, well…most of it

— all the answers to your most urgent and probing career questions…

A. We’re not your average IT company (keep reading).
A. They come equipped with Egrotron standing desks, noise-canceling headsets, two 24-inch monitors, and occasionally, a Swingline stapler.
A. Unlike many companies, our owners don’t sit in their ivory towers, smoking cigars and pouring aged scotch from expensive decanters (at least not during business hours). They are accessible, very transparent with business operations and — just like everyone else in the company — they plan the work and work the plan. They don’t have assistants or admin support. They’re in the trenches with everyone else
A. Smart. Talented. Helpful. Hard-working. Creative. Friendly. #dwightschrute
A. We’re glad you asked. Our culture is based on the following:

  • It’s not hard: Go to school, work hard, play fair, share toys, show-and-tell, take recess, no hitting, be respectful of others, demand debate.
  • Plan the work and work the plan. Follow the process.
  • Seek out better ways.
  • Add value, offer solutions, focus on outcomes.
  • See a snake – kill it…
  • Remember, it may not be our fault, but it is our problem. Own it.
  • Asses live in the barn.
A. Competitive wages, medical, dental and life insurance, Flex plan, generous paid time off (PTO) and at times, profit sharing.

A. You know it. Through challenging assignments, specialized training and development, honing IT skills (as well as your business acumen) and career advancement potential, there is all kinds of room for growth at First Call.