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Welcome to the most thrilling game in town (well we think so at least…) – the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Challenge!

At First Call, we believe that securing your organization should be exciting, engaging, and yes, a little bit fun! Say goodbye to the days of dry, jargon-filled consultations. We’re here to revolutionize the way you approach cybersecurity – by turning it into an interactive game!

Why Play the Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Game with First Call?

Engagement Redefined

We want to reimagine meetings, and get your team involved in thinking about cybersecurity as a necessity rather than optional!

Let’s skip the boring meeting, and why not make it fun! Our game-based approach ensures that you actively participate and maybe even ENJOY talking about cybersecurity!

Hands-On Learning

Experience the key fundamentals of cybersecurity for your organization firsthand. Learn about potential risks and vulnerabilities that you may not have previously thought of in a dynamic and interactive environment.

Team Collaboration

Gather the key decision makers from your organization and form a team and face the challenges together. It’s not just a game; it’s a learning and team-building execise!



Fill Out the Form – Click the “Let’s Play the Game!” button below and tell us a bit about your organization. Size, number of computers, servers, etc. The more we know, the better we can customize the game to your organization!


Pick Your Team: Choose the key players who will be joining in on the fun. Think who you need in the room to have a better understanding of cybersecurity for your organization.


Game On: Once you’ve filled out the form, our expert cybersecurity game masters will reach out to schedule your personalized game session. Get ready to play – it’s time to level up your security!

What Happens Next?

What happens when the fun is over, you ask? Well that is where the real work begins!

Third Party Cybersecurity Risk Assessment: You know your strengths now let’s address the weaknesses. Schedule the next steps to create a winning strategy for your organization by completing a formal Cybersecurity Risk Assessment– offered by one of First Call’s trusted cybersecurity partners.

Ready to get serious>? AS 1.0: With the risk assessment completed, First Call can be your partner to cybersecurity success and compliance in 2024. Continue the conversation with our Cybersecurity Experts!

Ready to Play?

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Take Your Business to the Next Level:
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