The modern work environment no longer requires for employees to be chained to their desks in a traditional office. As more office’s utilize laptops for their employees’ primary workstations, the benefits of Microsoft’s Office 365 become unavoidable. Office 365 allows for employees to work with confidence, from anywhere, and in their own way. Here are 3 reasons why Office 365 can help you do business better.

Work with confidence. Your files and data are save and secure with Office 365.  Automatic security updates occur monthly as new features are released. In addition, with Microsoft’s Office 365’s multi-factor authentication cyber-criminals no longer only need your password to hack into your account and steal your important documents. Office 365’s multi-factor authentication requires your password AND a security code that is provided to you instantly through a text, phone call, or an app on your mobile device. It doesn’t get much more secure than that!

Work better from anywhere you go. Take your files on the road with you, (even when you are off your corporate network) with Office 365. Collaboration is made easy with real time HD videos, digital white-boards, and content sharing. Your team doesn’t have to stop working just because you are out of the office. Keep productive with the advanced share features offered with Office 365

Work YOUR way. You no longer must be in the office in order to be productive. Access your files from anywhere and on any devices with Office 365’s mobile apps. Compatible with any Windows, Android, or iOS devise, nothing will stop you from getting your work done with ease. Not sure where you saved the last document you were working on? Find any document easily with Office 365’s Smart Lookup technology.

Successful people are constantly seeking out better ways to conduct their business.  Free your workers from the chains of their desks and offer them better work experiences with Office 365. Have questions about how Office 365 can help your office conduct better business? Contact us to set up a free consultation today!