The first password I ever created was 3232; it was my basketball jersey number twice. That was not exactly a secure password, but I could use it and not have any issues for years. Unfortunately, times now are no so simple. A four-character numeric password would be broken in under 3ms, less than three-thousandths of a second, under brute force conditions.

Nowadays, if you were to put a gun to my head and ask me for my password to my bank account, I could honestly tell you, I don’t know it. This is because I use a password manager, and the password would like something like this ‘0-094w9e0r4w09u3wejrifklsdfgn904w4!@22039w0e98fjwf’ which would not be crackable under brute force conditions with modern computing power.

So what am I getting at? Several of us can remember when we did not need all these layers of security; we didn’t need to be sent a code before logging into a website. We didn’t need to have 30 character passwords. So often in our client base, we hear things like ‘We didn’t need this before’ or ‘This is too much work to stay secure.’ We get it; we understand. The fact is though the need for increased security for our interconnected devices is not going away. So what can you do?

Lean into the changes, I now use a password manager, and I love it. I remember only 1 (extremely complex and near impossible to guess) password to access my password manager. I have this app in my web browsers and on my phone. When I need to set up multifactor authentication, I set up push notifications. So rather than getting a code sent to my phone, I get a ‘Yes it is me, or No it’s not me’ prompt on my phone, simple, secure.

Accept that these things are not going away, embrace the change, understand that there are tools out there to make the process less painful, and go with it. You will be happy you did (and more secure)

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