Does Employee Recognition need a boost?

A happy team is an effective team. Employee recognition can motivate your team to work hard and collaborate well. Microsoft Teams 365 Employee Recognition boost pack will get you trained and ready to utilize Microsoft as a tool set to show your employees their value in your company.

Give your Employee Recognition a boost!


The Microsoft 365 Teams Employee Recognition Boost Pack will provide all the tools you need to improve the morale and communication in your workplace.

These features and more can be implemented to strengthen your workplace by gathering information, creating communication channels, and documenting meetings.

Better Involvement

How to get everyone involved.


To make employee recognition fun/social and interactive.

Cultural Alignment

How your leadership team can reinforce your culture and values.


How to connect people who otherwise might not commonly know each other or work with each other.



Expect higher employee retention!


Happy employees work harder.


The pick me ups from recognition keep people working well together.

Less Stress

Eliminate / consolidate / streamline your meeting rhythm.


Flexible collaboration that keeps everyone connected.

Remote Work Ready

Whether you are in the office or out—stay connected!


One-on-One Set Up

Work one on one with a First Call Application Specialist

Setup in your Office 365 Environment

  • Employee Recognition Channel
  • Demonstration and Q&A Session

Demonstration and Q&A Session

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