It is easy to confuse the differences between cloud storage and online backups. At first glance, they both appear to do similar things. As a business decision maker, knowing and understanding when to use cloud storage or online backups can be the difference between setting your business up for success, or damning it to failure.

Cloud storage may be thought of as a secure virtual extension of your hard drive. With the demand for larger hard drives continuing to increase the overall cost of new laptops and computers, you can save money by purchasing a device with a smaller hard drive and supplementing additional file space with cloud storage. Cloud storage is also beneficial in that documents saved to the cloud may be accessed from any internet device (with the correct credentials, of course). You and your employees will also enjoy better collaboration options with the clouds’ sync and share options. While any business can benefit from these features, businesses who are based in remote locations or require travel for their work will most benefit from cloud storage.

Online backups should be a priority for all businesses. It is imperative that you keep online backups for important files in case of an unfortunate event such as a fire, water damage, or theft. Online backups are unique in that they create a replication of the files and documents (and their structure) that you choose and then store them in a safe, virtual location. This means that in the unfortunate event that your business experiences unexpected data loss, all your important file can still be restored, in the same file structure as they were in prior to the incident. If disaster strikes and your files are not backed up, it is (if not, completely) impossible to recover data from a damaged hard drive. In fact, 60% of small businesses will never recover from data loss. With online backups, you can schedule for the files that you choose to be backed up daily, weekly, or monthly, protecting your business from such failure.

There are many ways that businesses may benefit from cloud storage and online backups. While all businesses need to have a backup solution in place, not every business needs cloud storage. It is important to first assess your businesses unique needs before deciding on the best storage and backup solution options.

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