Managed Services Providers are IT BUSINESS PARTNERS that exist to deliver services such as IT infrastructure, planning, network administration, cybersecurity, and much more. These services are generally outside the business’s scope of work yet critical to the day-to-day operations of their employees. As a result, many organizations across Montana have decided to hire MSPs. Rather than spending time, money, and other resources trying to find and hire internal employees, businesses have recognized the value of having a full team of IT experts to support their employees.



Organizations must keep the following in mind as they plan and search for the right partner to support their technology. First, partnerships require that both parties get to know and understand each other’s business goals and operational needs. This is to ensure that it is a true fit for both parties. Second, without clarity and communication of expectations from both sides, there can be no hope of building a solid working relationship that will benefit both organizations in the long run. 

With that said, we can now move on to the next big question.

Why do Organizations need a Managed Service Provider?


An MSP partnership can significantly benefit businesses by connecting them to a TEAM of knowledgeable IT experts rather than a single individual. This can help reduce IT-related downtime and provide them with a point of IT-related accountability.

When businesses experience IT issues, a resolution needs to be found quickly. In an MSP, solutions are found fast by group brainstorming, combined knowledge, and experience, then executed efficiently by people with the ability to get the job done right the first time.

Partnering with an MSP will reduce the amount of downtime that business experiences and reduce the number of new IT problems that naturally occur. MSPs use special software that allows them to monitor IT equipment from afar and solve many issues before you ever even notice them!

Businesses that do not have an IT department or MSP tend to lack the necessary processes for handling new IT issues or requests. This lack of structure allows for finger-pointing and ultimately hinders the resolutions. Businesses can create more structure and streamline processes to hold one party accountable for their IT support needs by partnering with an MSP.


What do YOU need?


Like I said in the beginning, not one solution will fit every organization.
You may not have any internal resources that can assist with technical support, or perhaps you have one or two people who know a little about technology and have since become your go-to. Whatever the circumstances, a ‘Done FOR You’ approach may be best. Done FOR You is a fully outsourced solution to IT. Your MSP becomes the IT department for your organization. With this solution, there are various additional choices to be made—for example, the level of support depends upon your needs and budget. The MSP takes on the heavy lifting of IT, while your employees can focus freely and without worry on the day-to-day operations.

Next up is the ‘Done WITH You’ approach, which is as simple as it sounds! This solution is more suited for organizations with internal IT resources working on their team but may be overwhelmed or need a little extra support. This solution provides extra shoulds to round out the organization’s security, offer leadership to the existing technology resource team, and share tools to standardize and simplify processes.

There are many reasons businesses need a partnership with a Managed Service Provider. Whether it is the ‘Done FOR You’ approach or the ‘Done WITH You,’ it is vital for organizations to recognize the benefits such as access to a team of IT people, proactive monitoring, and streamlined processes. Contact First Call today if you are ready to discuss how we can help your business!

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