IT Service Management Trends in 2021

Technology is always evolving to meet the needs of the organizations it servesIn 2020 the adoption of technologies to enable remote work, flexible work, and collaboration accelerated. This sudden push to embrace new and unknown solutions strained many businesses and their relationships with their current IT service provider. On the other hand, this push for change helped some companies grow and strengthen their relationship and confidence in their IT partner.     

1. Relationships: Customers & Service Providers

Organizations that were fundamentally trading checks for a range of commodities struggled to find traction when they needed to make shifts quickly. Without having a solid relationship with an IT partner to help set the strategy and quarterback the changes, many businesses floundered or band-aided their way through 2020. Conversely, those with a trusted IT partner successfully managed the technical changes, financial uncertainty, and cyber risk. Those who align their business with a trusted partner, based on strategic needs like technology, and avoid transactional companies, find managing challenges and opportunities easier.    

2. Relationships: Co-Workers

It’s just reality that something is lost when employees don’t have proximity to one another. How to chat? Joke? Sense how someone is feeling/doing? IT service providers must continue to shift from merely providing the tools to help people do their job, to teaching people how to leverage those tools so they can communicate, emote and build true connections.

3. Relationships: Vendors

All businesses deal with vendors. IT service providers must help clients by enabling good working relationships through technology and improved security. Today, vendors and their clients are more connected than ever and must work together. Supply chain security, connection, and vendor management will grow in importance.  

4. Blocking & Tackling 

When you start thinking about IT and IT service management trends, it can often lead to a lack of focus on what is most important in your business and what you should be doing.  

The circus can take our eyes off the ball.  

Successful IT service will not only help organizations address the necessary changes at the right times, but they will also make sure that issues are fixed in a timely and effective manner. They will help organizations maintain traditional security like firewalls and antivirus, while ensuring data is backed up. IT service providers help plan, budget, and execute on the obvious stuff like aging PCs or a dying printer. Said differently, they have core fundamentals that haven’t changed in more than 30 years. 

5. Operational BOOSTS

I‘ve hammered the point that IT service management relationships will become more critical in the office and span across many other connections in a company’s supply chain.  

I’ve also stated the obvious that managed IT services must continue to take care of the fundamentals.  

The other area where IT services can help companies is helping them make better use of tools like Microsoft 365. These feature-rich collaboration platforms are only as good as the people using them. Top IT service companies will help their customers build skills, improve their workforce and make operational gains.  

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