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Looking for a printer solution for your business? We partner with Xerox to bring you the best quality in printers available to small businesses in the Montana region.


Printers can be complicated and there are many brands to choose from. What’s right for your business? 

Are you using the printer for your home or office?

Home: Lower volume use depending on industry. Basic level models, lower cost. 

Office: Likelihood of high volume use. Need for more robust solution.

What operating system are you using?
New printers may not be compatible with older operating systems, and older printers may not be compatible with newer operating systems. 
How big is the space the printer will be located?

Not all printers are the same. It is important to determine the size needed to store and use your printer.

What is the printer being used for? Photos, text, color?
Most people assume, a printer is just a printer… WRONG. Technology has advanced, and there are now a variety of different printers that have a multitude of functions. First Call can help you to determine what Printer will fit your needs. 
What kind of paper will you use?

Matte Paper – Dull, flat color

Pros: most Commonly used, cost effective, dries quickly reducing risk of smearing or printing blemishes.

Glossy Paper – Coated in a high-shine polymer.

Pros: Produces bright vibrant color with great detail. Excellent choice for printing sharp, full color photographs.

Cons: Ink dries slowly on surface which increases risk of smudging and smears.

Bright White Paper – Specially developed paper features a non-textured surface and a brilliant white coating

Pros: Perfect for professional, corporate printing when you are in need of better image and text definition.

Copier & Laser Printer Paper – Most used type of printer paper.

Pros: Thin, lightweight and 75% opaque, and often has a matte coating for faster drying times.

Inkjet Paper – Designed especially for use with inkjet printers.

This term is quite broad, however, it can be applied to any paper capable of running through an inkjet machine – including photo paper, glossy paper and business card paper.

Listing Paper

Designed for use with dot-matrix, line printers, and other machines with the appropriate paper-feed mechanism. Continous sheets connected to one another at perforated seams, allow for sheets to be continuously fed through the machine.

Pro: Ideal for business use when speed and performance are key.

Photo Paper – Similar to other glossy papers – with subtle differences.

Usually only glossy on one side, high weight.

Pro: Often prints brighter images giving more vibrant and sharper images.

What’s your volume? Just for you or for the entire office?
The key is to buy a printer that can handle the total volume of your printing workload. You do not want to get stuck with a mediocre printer that eats the dust after taking on a big print job.
Cabled or wireless?
If you need to print from a smartphone or tablet you’ll want to consider a wireless option. Wireless can also be important for locations where you’re unable to connect the printer to the network.
Scanning? Copying? Faxing?

Consider if your printer needs to do more than just print documents. Multi-function printers can scan, copy, and fax documents. Rather than spend more money and waste space on more than one device consider an all-in-one multi-function printer.

Do you need to scan to your Microsoft OneDrive account?

Some printers can connect to your network allow you to scan to a shared folder or send it to an email account. That can leave you digging in folders or emails to find what you just scanned. Xerox offers printers that can scan directly into your Microsoft OneDrive account so that no matter where you are you have the file you need without the digging.

These are all questions we can help you with!

Need Advice or a Quote?


First Call has qualified Printer Technicians on our Help Desk that can help you resolve issues and improve the configuration of your system. “Don’t get stuck spending hours researching and trying to find the right printer. Take 10 minutes with me, review your printing needs, and I can help you choose the best device for your organization!”

Sara Goffena

Printer Professional

Pricing, End of Life, Trade-Ins, Software Licensing

Trying to choose between HP, Canon, Epson, and Xerox Printers?

Here’s why we prefer Xerox…

Cheaper price per page than other competitive brands.

Wide variety of printer options.

Xerox makes it easy to purchase toner.

Xerox sells laser printers which are more efficient for business printing.

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