Do your PM/Project Leads need a boost?

Project managers job is to lead everyone to success. Everyone knows that having the right tools is an essential part of working a project successfully. The Microsoft Teams 365 Project Manager Boost Pack provides you with all the necessary tools to carry your team to complete projects efficiently and on-time.

Get command of your projects with a boost pack from First Call.


The Microsoft 365 Teams PM/Project Leads Boost Pack will provide all the tools you need to improve your project management.

These features and more can be implemented to strengthen your workplace by gathering information, creating communication channels, and documenting meetings.


Better ways to plan, schedule, communicate, share, organize.


Ways to give your project status and update meetings a refresh.


How to reduce email and all the noise that surrounds it for your people.

Project Management

A new tool for planning and managing projects.


How to recognize people in a fun, engaging way.


Organize People

Collaborate and communicate effectively with your team.


A standard framework to manage Projects.


Coordinate Key Topics and form tighter connections with your people.


Centralize your communication, note-taking, and brainstorming.

Project Management

Coordinate with your team on Scope, Schedules, Progress, and Risk.

Remote Work Ready

Whether you are in the office or out—stay connected!


One-on-One Set Up

Work one on one with a First Call Application Specialist

Setup in your Office 365 Environment

  • Project Team for a typical project
  • Channels for a typical project.
  • Other tools for a typical project and demonstrate how to use them.
  • Integrate Microsoft Planner into the Project Team
  • Demonstrate the key functions and templates.

Demonstration and Q&A Session

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