Do your Remote Workers need a boost?

A post-COVID world asks a lot of the modern worker. How did your business adapt to the need for remote workers? Microsoft Teams 365 Remote Worker Boost Pack provides the tools you need to integrate your team into the world of remote working.

Give your Remote Workers, Home Workers, Road Warriors, and Field Staff a boost with Microsoft Teams.


The Microsoft 365 Teams Remote Worker Boost Pack will provide all the tools you need to improve the morale and communication in your workplace.

These features and more can be implemented to strengthen your workplace by gathering information, creating communication channels, and documenting meetings.


Improve your meetings with tools to make remote meetings easy.

Phone Calls

Convenient tools for phone meetings.

Screen Sharing

Improve your presentations with screen sharing.


Coordinate quickly with your team.

Streamlined Files

File Access and Management

Less Risk

Security best practices.

Working Offline

Get your employees working offline.



One tool stack to address all your needs.

Cost Saving

Consolidate your work tools into one convenient package.


Stay connected without losing relationships or the ability to collaborate.

Less Risk

Improved Cybersecurity


Have confidence knowing you have control over processes.

Remote Work Ready

Whether you are in the office or out—stay connected!


One-on-One Set Up

Work one on one with a First Call Application Specialist

Setup in your Office 365 Environment

  • Channels and Files—make the connection.
  • Sample File Population of a Library
  • Demonstration of the common tools
  • Demonstration of Advanced Functions
  • OneDrive
  • Meetings Channels
  • Scheduling a meeting/joining a meeting
  • Recurring Meetings
  • In Meeting Function Overview

Demonstration and Q&A Session

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Give Your People & Operations a Boost