Do your Sales Professionals need a boost?

Don’t you wish sales could be just a little easier? It can! Microsoft Teams 365 Sales Boost Pack streamlines your planning and scheduling process and makes documentation super convenient. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Give yourself and your sales a boost with Microsoft Teams!


The Microsoft 365 Teams Sales Professionals Boost Pack will provide all the tools you need to streamline your work space.

These features and more can be implemented to improve your productivity by gathering information, creating communication channels, creating better scheduling, and enabling remote work as an option.


How to have secure, private, high-quality meetings via the Internet.

Remote Work

New ways to present information: in person, virtually or pre-recorded.

Improved Workspace

New ways to leverage the tools you already have and use.

Sharing Proposals

How to share, while at the same time, protecting your sales collateral and proposals from the competition.

Planning & Scheduling

Better approaches to your planning, scheduling and notetaking.


Leverage Your Strengths

Stand out from the crowd.


Work smarter not harder.


Flexibility to match the way you are working with different clients and prospects.

Easy Interface

Same tools whether you are working on a PC, Smartphone or Tablet.


Create better, more dynamic presentations.

Easy Integration

Leverage Microsoft Outlook and other Office products you already know.


One-on-One Set Up

Work one on one with a First Call Application Specialist

Setup in your Office 365 Environment

  • Sales Team
  • Meetings Chanel
  • OneDrive File Storage
  • OneNote Sales Meetings Notebook
  • Video Creations—PowerPoint in new ways

Demonstration and Q&A Session

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