outsourced it

Count On Us To Take Care of IT.

There is a Better Way to make IT work for your organization or small business. Outsourced IT services from First Call Computer Solutions delivers a unique recipe of people, processes and tools that work together to achieve A-level results for Montana business.

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Co-Managed IT

Shoulder to Shoulder With your IT department.

Demands on IT departments and personnel continue to increase for Montana business orginizations. Co-managed IT can help your IT personnel improve results with tools, know-how and supplemental IT services from First Call right here in Montana.

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Montana’s IT Solutions

Outsourcing Your IT Department

Outsourcing your IT department to First Call will deliver the business technology, people, tools and services you need to run your business.Learn More

Professonal IT Services

The real question is: can outsourcing our IT services help me avoid downtime, slowness, data loss or security breaches? The answer is Yes.Learn More

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services from First Call includes formal planning and budgeting services to help you make best and highest use of your money.Learn More

Business Network Security

As a managed service provider, First Call assesses your IT business’ security and provides ongoing security management services to minimize risk as part of managed services.Learn More

IT Service Provider

First Call does IT support right with skilled and experienced IT technicians, available for remote or onsite IT support. They are equipped with certifications, detailed documentation on your IT and people skills!Learn More

IT Service Management

Success in IT isn’t solving issues it’s in avoiding them. First Call has a proven recipe and approach to help our customers minimize IT problems. With managed IT services, our business network security is second to none with backups, firewalls and up-to-date software/hardware. Business IT support is our number one priority. Learn More

Managed Service Provider

Cloud-based technology solutions from Google and Microsoft offer businesses powerful tools for communication, organization and collaboration. Cloud-based options can even save you money. Learn More

IT Service Provider

Your Technology Advisor will work closely with you to design the most current IT solution to meet your needs, whether it’s a new laptop or a cloud-based option.Learn More

IT Product Sales

Yes, of course! We work with a variety of hardware, software and service providers to offer the best solution for your technology procurement needs. Learn More

Upgrading Business IT

When First Call is your business technology partner, we not only keep your systems performing efficiently, we also help you manage network security, and keep everything up-to-date with IT service management.Learn More

Managed IT Service

Every managed customer receives regular IT assessments and recommendations to equip decision makers to make the right investments in IT infrastructure and tools. Learn More

Montana Business Cloud Services

The short answer is yes! First Call helps our customers evaluate cloud-based options vs. on-premise technology solutions to ensure the right mix of technologies. Learn More

IT Projects

Technology services projects can get complicated quickly. First Call employs dedicated project management and implementation staff. We’ve completed IT projects big and small across Montana. Learn More

Co-Managed IT Services Montana

With Co-Managed IT Services, First Call can supplement your existing IT department with an extra set of hands or three. Learn More