Does your Teams Strategy need a boost?

Discover how much Microsoft Teams can do for your organization. Work with one of our skilled technicians to implement the Microsoft Teams Strategy Boost Pack and see how it can improve efficiency and align your company’s values.

Take your Teams Strategy to A-level with a Boost from Microsoft Teams.


The Microsoft 365 Teams Strategy Boost Pack will provide all the tools you need to launch and maintain Teams as an essential tool in your workplace.

These features and more can be implemented to strengthen your workplace by implementing successful strategies for using Microsoft to save you time, money, and stress.

Big Picture Thinking

The big picture looking across your organization, operations, and people.

Consistent Policies

What policies are recommended and why.

Best Practices

Best practices for Azure Active Directory settings and Microsoft Teams Admin console.

Better Decision Making

What are the key decisions you need to make?

Save Money

How to avoid wasteful spending in your licensing.


Better Planning

Plan the work, work the plan.

Clear Message

Shared understanding among stakeholders.

Better Policies

Avoid a relapse or having to undo a mess: settings, behavior, structure.

Money Saving

Potential license cost benefits.

Less Risk

Reduced risk/headaches.

Remote Work Ready

People can train/learn from anywhere at any time on any device.


One-on-One Set Up

Work one on one with a First Call Application Specialist

Setup in your Office 365 Environment

  • Microsoft Teams Deployment Strategy and Documentation
  • Recommended Azure Active Directory and Microsoft Teams Admin Settings
  • Best Practices Review

Demonstration and Q&A Session

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