Unveiling the Disconnect:

How to Overcome IT Outsourcing Pitfalls, Labor Shortages, and Cybersecurity Challenges for Montana Credit Unions!

Welcome to an exclusive webinar presented by First Call Computer Solutions in collaboration with the Montana Credit Union Network and Lincoln County Credit Union!

Join us as we delve into the intricacies of IT and Cybersecurity challenges faced by Montana Credit Unions today.

Date & Time:

August 8th @ 10am


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Topic 1:  The Disconnect between IT & Non-IT Stakeholders

· Explore the disconnect between IT and non-IT stakeholders.

· Understand the challenges financial institutions face in aligning technology with organizational goals.

· Gain insights from industry experts on navigating complexities.

Topic 2:   Simplifying IT Solutions and Vendor Management

· Learn strategies to streamline IT solutions and manage vendor relationships effectively.

· Discover how to optimize resources and enhance operational efficiencies.

· Overcome common pitfalls in managing multiple vendors and tools.

Topic 3Navigating IT Resources and Talent Challenges

· Address the unique challenges of recruiting and retaining IT talent in Montana.

· Explore strategies for building a resilient IT team and fostering a culture of innovation.

· Gain insights into overcoming talent shortages and maximizing resources.

Topic 4:   Internal IT vs. Outsourced IT vs. Co-Managed IT

· Understand the benefits and challenges of different IT management approaches.

· Gain practical tips for choosing the right IT solution for your institution.

· Learn how to establish effective partnerships and ensure alignment with organizational goals.

Topic 5Cybersecurity Models and Approaches

· Explore the evolving cybersecurity landscape and emerging threats.

· Learn essential strategies for managing cybersecurity risks effectively.

· Discover the key components of a robust cybersecurity program.

Topic 6:   Understanding Threats in Microsoft 365 and Mitigation Strategies

· Gain insights into common threats in Microsoft 365 and mitigation strategies.

· Learn how to protect your organization from email compromise, ransomware, and data loss.

· Understand the importance of collaboration and alignment in cybersecurity efforts.

Topic 7:   Conclusion

· Recap key takeaways and insights from the webinar.

· Explore opportunities to partner with First Call Computer Solutions for your IT and cybersecurity needs.

· Connect with industry experts to redefine your vision for IT success.

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