It’s Summer in Montana…

Enjoy the window of sun, fun, rivers, lakes and mountains.

And while you are on one of those peaks – look out to the horizon.

What do see?


Is your marketing ready for the challenges of next year and beyond?


First Call’s Digital Marketing Agency (First Call Web) moves businesses from where they are, to where they want to be.





Plan for Tomorrow

If you enjoy the First Call IT experience, we encourage you to develop a relationship with our Digital Marketing Agency.

It may seem premature to be thinking about marketing strategy, planning and shifts for 2023 in summer of 2022. 

But now is the time to update your strategy as well as plan and brand elements so that you can hit the ground running in 2023.

This summer get lost in Montana but not in Digital Marketing

Join Conor Smith, CEO of First Call Web (a Montana Digital Marketing Agency) in an upcoming online seminar exclusively for First Call Computer Solutions IT clients.



Who should attend this webinar?

Small Business Owners

Marketing Managers

Marketing Assistants

Anyone in your business trying to wear the marketing hat.

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In the webinar, we will cover how the Montana market has changed. Competition is growing, buyers are becoming more discerning and the battle for staffing is, well, a battle.

Strategize Your Marketing

What is KLT?
(Attend the webinar to find out)

Master KLT

We will boil down the notion of marketing to three fundamentals, simplify the concepts and functions of digital marketing and stretch everyone’s marketing muscle with some KLT exercises.

We move businesses from where they are, to where they want to be. There is no one giant step. Embrace us, strategy first, and milestone-based marketing.

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