Did you know that your Microsoft Teams application can be set up to be your one-and-only business telephone solution? Businesses with less than 300 employees who have implemented Microsoft Teams may purchase the Microsoft Business Voice add-on, allowing Teams users to make and receive phone calls using the Teams application on their computer and mobile device. This solution is excellent for businesses with remote workers looking to free up desk space and who wish to have more control over managing their phone system themselves.

This blog post will explain what the Microsoft Business Voice add-on includes and how it may benefit your business.

When Microsoft first released their Teams telephony solution, they had many different plans and features to choose from, making it overwhelming and confusing for businesses to implement. To make things simpler, Microsoft created their Business Voice bundle, which offers businesses all the phone system features they need, including call park, call forwarding, auto attendants, call queues, audio conferencing, and calling plans.


Initially, the idea of ditching your traditional desk phone and moving to a cloud-based solution may sound somewhat unconventional. For decades businesses have been relying on bulky hardware: desk phones, cords, and phone servers. All this to access business phone features such as auto attendants, hold music, and call transfers. Microsoft Business Voice allows you to ditch all that bulky hardware and begin relying on a softphone installed on your computer and mobile devices instead.

There are many benefits to switching to the Microsoft Teams Business Voice solution. Here are just a few:

Keep Your Personal Phone Numbers Private

With Microsoft Business Voice, you may use the Teams app on your cell phone to make and receive business calls, allowing traveling employees the ability to make and receive calls from anywhere using their work phones.

Less Hardware to Manage

You and your remote workers will also appreciate having less company hardware to keep track of. The less hardware your company must manage, the less opportunity for damaged or lost assets.

Stay Focused During Your Day

By adding more features to an app that you are already using, you will find yourself “in the zone,” working much more throughout your day. You and your employees no longer will need to switch between their computers to their desk phones to make and answer calls. Instead, they may stay focused and productive at their workstations.

Clear Up Desk Space

By eliminating the need for a physical desk phone, you will free up space on your desk, creating a tidier working environment. Remote workers will especially appreciate the extra space as they tend to have less real estate to work with when working from home.

Take Control of Your Call Flows

The Microsoft Teams softphone allows you and your employees to easily manage call flows yourselves, rather than having to rely on your IT provider to make any changes.

Many times, these kinds of security hardening steps fall in the category of ‘You don’t know what you don’t know. That is where First Call can help. Reach out to us; we would love to talk about this with you.

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