Conference rooms are typically a meeting room where 2 or more people can meet together either digitally or remotely.

  • Do you need a whole new conference room setup?
  • Does your current conference room need an upgrade?

Where do you begin…



If your organization is looking at creating a conference room space you’ll want to ask yourself a few key questions.

Will you be using your conference room to meet with people in person or digitally?

This is an important factor in your space – whether you need to meet in person or meet with people via a conference call technology will play a key role.  

When meeting in person having a large screen display and a computer are key collaboration tools.  

Options for sharing digital content can be a dedicated computer or a screen sharing with a Barco Clickshare. 

Do you need to call in remote employees, clients, or vendors?

Sure you can use a regular phone to call in remote parties, but have you ever been on the other line and you cannot hear everyone in the room?

We recommend a dedicated conference phone like the Dolby or Polycom conference phone.

Dedicated conference phones should pick up everyone in the room that is speaking while cancelling out background noise.

Do you want to go beyond a phone call? Looking at webcams?

Webcams bring us together no matter how far apart we may be, but there are so many kinds of webcams. Do you need to make sure everyone in the room can be seen? Logitech webcams can track and zoom on the person that is speaking, ensuring that everyone in the room is seen, not just those closest to the camera. There are also webcams that are dedicated to running Microsoft Teams or Zoom calls. Yealink offers webcam and speakerphone bundles that make conference calls a breeze – with a simple push of a button you can be on a call. No fuss no muss.

What platform do you currently use for conference calls, or what platform do you want to use?

These days there are a variety of conference call solutions:

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