Do I Need Advanced Security?

Ever wonder if security is the right option for you? Check out this week’s

IT Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Business’s Future

It is not uncommon for growing businesses to find that their IT no longer yields the same returns as they had originally expected. In the past, technology was not necessarily top of mind for many business owners. There are numerous factors that play into misshaped and...

What are Flexible Workers?

Before you ask, no. Flexible workers are not employees who attend some new workplace yoga class trend. Please rest assured that there is no exercise required when working flexibly. Rather, the term is used to describe a more realistic and dynamic type of worker.  ...

The Dangers of the Inbox

Every now and then, an email with a catchy subject line appears in your inbox and you end up clicking on it, either because you’re curious about the subject line or because you assume the sender is trustworthy. Unfortunately, this is how most cyberattacks tend to begin – with a single click. What unfolds next only puts your security and the security of your business in grave danger.

Top 10 Ways Cybersecurity Threats and the Pandemic are Alike

I never thought, even after countless Hollywood’s dystopian movies I have seen, I’d experience a pandemic in my lifetime.  A cybersecurity incident on the other hand, I absolutely knew I would experience.  Either on behalf of a client, or within the walls of my own...

Keep Your IT Person with Co-Managed IT

  Meet Cindy.     Everyone at work loves Cindy.     She is always kind, willing to take on additional work and is often considered the “Office Mom.”     Cindy started out somewhat IT savvy when she first began working in the office,...

Your Office 365 credentials are on the Dark Web. No sweat!

I just received an alert from my organization’s identity monitoring service stating one of my employee’s Office 365 email credentials were found on the Dark Web. Now let us get real for a minute. When the prince of Nigeria emails you requesting a transfer of $1000...

What is Microsoft Teams?

When looking for a Unified Communication and Collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams is the most robust, secure, and cost-effective software available on the market. Created by arguably the greatest pioneer in the digital age, Microsoft Teams has the power to...

Questions You Should Be Asking When Considering a Managed Service Provider

It can be a struggle to find a partner that fits your needs. Don’t get stuck choosing the wrong Managed Service Provider, ask the hard questions, and don’t be afraid to say no.

Swapping Partners: Yes, No or Wait?

Dancing alone can be fun.  But in the world of business, it is a recipe for failure.   If you are like most organizations, you have multiple partners navigating the floor at any given time.  As the dance heats up, the beat quickens, or someone decides to change up the...

Partnering with Partners in Home Care

Read to learn how First Call has helped Partners in Home Care align their IT with their business needs after internal changes prompted for a call to action!

Montana Dental Office’s Technology continues to Grow and Flourish with First Call

FAMILY DENTAL GROUP Locally owned, patient focused dental clinic. They have been located in the Southgate Mall in Missoula, Montana since 1982 and moved to their current location in 2008. While the store front looks like a little “Mom and Pop” dental office there is a...

How Managed IT Services positively impacts Construction Companies

29 Employees Missoula, MT   About the Company  Founded in 1967 by Bill Mytty, Quality Construction Company began a decades-long journey in the construction industry by building residential homes in Western Montana. Thereafter they expanded into commercial and...

Expanding IT Access Into Rural Montana

FERGUS COUNTY Fergus county is geographically the most central location in Montana serves a primarily rural population of approximately 12,000 spread across 4,350 sq miles. It has a full range of municipal services including county law enforcement, land management and...

Government Cracking Down on Regulatory Compliance for DOD Contractors

CM MANUFACTURING INC.   CM Manufacturing Inc. has been in business since 1984, and located in  Missoula since 1997. Owner, Ken Johnson, has been in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. CM Manufacturing, Inc. works on a daily basis with extensive non-destructive...

First Call Helps Montana Healthcare Practice Implement Technology for Virtual Consultations

Alpine Oral and Facial Surgery is located in Missoula Montana. They help patients across the state with a number of surgical and healthcare needs, including solutions for health problems like sleep apnea, jaw deformities,  dental  issues,  and  chronic  TMJ   pain. ...

Crushing Compliance at County Level

Aligning Cybersecurity With FBI MandatesFergus County is geographically the most central location in Montana -- it serves a primarily rural population of approximately 12,000 spread across 4,350 sq. miles. It has a full range of municipal services including county law...


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