This Superpower Could Have Made Your COVID Transition Easier.

When our beautiful state of Montana issued the first stay at home directive in March, there was a mad dash to figure out what this meant for employees and their ability to continue to do their job. There was a lot of uncertainty around how company data and...

File Management Culture Shift

In 1973, the advent of the Local Area Network (LAN) was introduced.  This new technology-enabled businesses to connect their computers, share and distribute applications, and most importantly, provide a common disk storage area for all LAN users...

3 Cybersecurity Mistakes You All Are STILL Making

Blog Written by Kayla Blaedow, Application Specialist at First Call Computer Solutions Cybercriminals are only interested in large corporations. WRONG. This misconception comes from media and news outlets feeding us data breach information of larger...

5 Signs You Need a New Help Desk

Are you satisfied with the results of your Help Desk? Read the 5 signs it may be time to find a new Help Desk.

Raise Your Expectations – IT is in a New Era

Technology is no longer just fix and repair. It’s time to revisit your expectations of IT, and maybe even your chosen IT Partner.

5 Ways Microsoft Teams Can Deliver Immediate Benefit to Your Company

Microsoft Teams is an anchor point for the entire Microsoft 365 cloud platform. Teams can offer your company an excellent starting point for your entire Cloud Strategy whether you are at the starting point of your Cloud journey, or you are well along on your path.

Work Where You Want with Managed Services

There are a lot of different solutions out there for what is needed to work remotely, but the outcome should always be the same. Happy employees means happy customers and happy business owners! Although the solutions may change and the options may...

It is Time to Partner with a Managed Services Provider

Partnerships require that both parties involved get to know and understand each other’s goals and needs. They require understanding and continuity to grow each member and strengthen the partnership. Managed Services Providers, or MSPs are IT business partners. They...

How to Spot Phishing Attacks

Imagine that you are a fish swimming in a big pond full of other fishes and you spot something that you think is food. You immediately swim over and start inspecting the “food” in question. How can you tell if what you see is food or a rubber imposter that is waiting...

Speed Up Your Slow Computer at the Office

There is not much that is more frustrating than trying to conduct work on a slow computer. For many people, sitting there watching their mouse spin on the screen is enough for them to kick their computer to the curb. If you are at your wit’s end, trying to get your...

Government Cracking Down on Regulatory Compliance for DOD Contractors

CM MANUFACTURING INC.   CM Manufacturing Inc. has been in business since 1984, and located in  Missoula since 1997. Owner, Ken Johnson, has been in the aerospace industry for over 20 years. CM Manufacturing, Inc. works on a daily basis with extensive non-destructive...

First Call Helps Montana Healthcare Practice Implement Technology for Virtual Consultations

Alpine Oral and Facial Surgery is located in Missoula Montana. They help patients across the state with a number of surgical and healthcare needs, including solutions for health problems like sleep apnea, jaw deformities,  dental  issues,  and  chronic  TMJ   pain. ...

Crushing Compliance at County Level

Aligning Cybersecurity With FBI MandatesFergus County is geographically the most central location in Montana -- it serves a primarily rural population of approximately 12,000 spread across 4,350 sq. miles. It has a full range of municipal services including county law...


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