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You’ve got talent

We’ve got IT Talent


Running your operation can be challenging!​

Let’s put our shoulders together!​

We make IT better. We make your team better.

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You’ve got talent

We’ve got
IT Talent


Running your operation can be challenging!​


Let’s put our shoulders


We make


We make your
team better.

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Better IT

We know why you’re here…

Cybersecurity Threats

Whether it’s general cybersecurity or compliance issues, you need a plan and a checklist to ensure you’re covering your basis BEFORE it becomes a liability.


Poor Quality IT

Are your internal communications suffering? Are updates to your software creating unresolved issues? Are you planning ahead for tech changes in the future? Don’t let day-to-day IT management pull your resources or waste your time.

Gaps in Your IT Team

Growing businesses often wind up with one resource wearing too many hats. If you’re experiencing gaps in IT skills, ongoing IT challenges, or road blocks in your IT growth, it is time for a IT Partner to help shoulder the work.

Business Pain

Technology must serve the operations, not the other way around.  Misalignment of tech, inability to unify communications – all these things can cost you time and money.

We Build Lasting Relationships
Between our Team and Yours

Do you struggle to fill the gaps with your current IT team?

We are a world-class IT relationship provider.

Anyone in your organization will feel comfortable reaching out because they know who they are working with.

We can work with your current internal IT team to reduce the time they spend fixing IT issues and putting out fires.

Don’t have an internal IT team? No problem!

We also provide full-service Done For You IT that helps you get set up, compliant, seamlessly integrated, and planning for the future.

Together, we have what it takes to help you be successful. When our talent meets your talent, we build relationships that last and find solutions that work.


Our IT Services


Many organizations in Montana don't have an IT person, let alone an entire IT Department. For those, a Done FOR You IT Department helps to shoulder the weight of the technology.

By outsourcing your IT, you can expect to see improvements in:




Security & Risk

Bottom Line


Co-Managed IT solutions can help support your existing IT team by providing:

Vision & Planning

Security & Compliance

Support & Staff Augmentation

Infrastructure Projects

Better Tools & Processes


No matter who you are, face the fact that you CANNOT AFFORD a cybersecruity breach. Security Hardening Isn't Tough. Or, at least, it doesn't have to be with the right cybersecurity partner. Cybersecurity assessments & implementation can help  you:

Strengthen your workforce

Manage risks both inside and outside your network

Establish an approach or even decide where to start

Become compliant


Do you know what to do if your communications go down at your business? There are numerous options for office communication systems. Do you know which one would work best for you?

Cloud Based Phone Systems

Small Business Phone Systems

PBX Phone Systems

Microsoft Phone Systems



First Call is your partner for:

New Implementations and retiring legacy systems and services



User Adoption and Training

Do you know where your IT is going?

Are you falling behind on tech?

If you aren’t thinking ahead for your IT, then you’re already behind. Whether it’s cybersecurity compliance, unifying your office communications, or planning for technology changes & updates, not having a plan can cost you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Do you have what it takes to succeed?

Hiring IT talent is TOUGH. Rather than take on the headache of hiring and onboarding new IT team members, you can tap into the existing skills we have available – for the same cost you can get a team with comprehensive knowledge around different solutions. Fill in the gaps without turning out your pockets.

We make your team better.


MADISON CREEK FURNISHINGS has had a stellar experience with First Call in locating and hiring a new IT service provider. Meg went out of her way to fit into our schedules and setup meeting with the necessary parties to answer our bevy of questions. Every team member we have interacted with so far is friendly, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in our needs as a business.

Lacey Kuntz – Madison Creek Furnishings

I have been with First Call since August 2021 they respond to my needs have been great they address all of my needs in a very timely period which by todays standards can be tough to do.

Brian Miller

These folks did a great job on a project for us - glad to have them on guard to help with all of our IT Support needs. Highly recommend.

Dean Fiedler

We make IT better.

We work with industries like yours…

We understand your IT needs because we have worked with industries like yours across Montana. Remember, bad IT leads to unhappy employees, unhappy customers, and low morale. Finding the right IT partner takes stress off of everyone in your organization. Let’s us help shoulder the responsibility of helping your business succeed. Just like we did with others like you.

We’ve Got IT Talent


Like Samurai who are honor-bound to protect, our Support Team solves IT problems and issues with a warrior-like spirit.

Technology Alignment Manager

Analyzing networks and implementing standards all in a single bound! Our Technology Alignment Managers are the super heroes of uptime, compliance, performance and security!


Threat vectors, data loss, intrusion prevention oh my! Our network & security operations center team stays vigilant to keep you backed up, productive and protected.


Meet our master builders!

Design, build and roll-outs with ease. First Call’s engineers make the pieces and parts fit together into solutions!


These guys love it when a plan comes together! Combining business requirements and technology solutions to make a positive impact on your organization.

Think of them as your own Chief Information Officer.

Application Specialists

Its one thing to buy a new tool like a phone system or Office 365.  Its another thing to get that tool and your people working together to produce better results.

Our friendly Application Specialists deliver operational boosts!

Cyber Security Engineers

Our Security Engineers work behind the scenes, monitoring network activity, responding to alerts, deploying patches and improving security posture. These are the folks watching over your business’s security network whether its 8×5 or 24×7.

IT Solution Advisor

Finding, researching, and purchasing the right products for your business can be time consuming and a big risk/waste of money if not executed properly! Our IT Solution Advisors are specifically tailored for these tasks and help to find you the right products to fit your needs!

Design Engineers

Our design engineers design IT and Voice solutions for the current and future needs of customers and prospects. These guys require extensive technical, project estimating, vendor coordination, and sales engineering skills. You’re in good hands! 

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

Ready to find out more? Our representatives are ready to chat. There is no commitment when you call our team. We take time to assess your current needs, concerns, and goals. From there, we can help you identify gaps you may have missed before sending over a proposal. From there, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands with your IT services.


Talk With a Rep

Meet a team member and discuss your current needs/struggles.


Let's Go Deeper

Your no-committment meeting will help both sides discover any gaps you may have missed.



You’ve found the problem. We’ve found the solution. Review our plan & proposal.


Get Started

Meet your new IT team ready to make your life easier. And get rolling on compliance, streamlining your office, aligning your tech and more.

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