First Call CULTURE

Culture is who we are, how we carry ourselves through our work and relationships.

A Word From Our CEO

Thank you for your interest in who we are and what we do.

Each year we try to distill and capture the essence of First Call.

Whether you were brought to this page because you are considering working here… or hiring us for IT services… It’s important we help you answer the following questions.

  • Are we the right fit?
  • Are we the right people?
  • Are we the right culture?

Below are our core values, cultural values and over 50 answers from First Call Employees to the simple question: “What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?”


Conor Smith, CEO of First Call


Win! A true win is achieved when benefit is received by our customers, employees, alliances and our shareholders.

Superior Service! Better than the rest. Delivered with commitment, confidence, compassion, respect, gratitude and a smile.

Accept nothing less than “A” Level. People, Processes, Tools and Outcomes.

Failure is not an option! Greatness takes time and comes from planning, execution, doing the little things right, adversity and teamwork.


It’s not hard: Go to school, work hard, play fair, share toys, show-and-tell, take recess, no hitting, be respectful of others.

Plan the work and work the plan. Follow the process.

Seek out better ways. Demand debate.

Add value, offer solutions, focus on outcomes.

See a snake – kill it…see a win…praise it!

Remember, It may not be our fault, but it is our problem. Own it.

Asses live in the barn.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? The culture of where you work is tricky because it’s somewhere that a lot of people feel they have to go to in order to get their paycheck. First call’s culture changes this to me because of the people I work with, and the clients we work for. Being able to walk into work everyday and enjoy the company of the people I work with both inside and outside of work, have people understand the frustrations and victories that you have, as well as support you during times of uncertainty is really what makes the culture strong. Even if the size of the company increases, the feeling that everyone is still together really makes the First Call culture impressive to me.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? From the very first day, it felt like I’d stumbled upon something truly special. When I walked in the door, the warmth and friendliness of everyone I met was a breath of fresh air. At First Call, it’s not just a job; it’s a community of people who are genuinely passionate about what they do, and that enthusiasm radiates in their daily work.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? It’s like having a second family. Everyone is here to help you grow and succeed. This translates to better customer relations and retention.

No matter how “In the weeds” you can feel, you know there is always someone you can get help from to achieve personal and professional goals.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? As someone who only sees it from a distance (mostly, since I’m in accounting), I’ve always noticed how everyone is so positive and helpful. I have *never* had a grumpy moment with anyone, even when I’m hassling an employee about their expense report 🙂 You all genuinely enjoy your work and enjoy each other and I’ve thought many times “Gee, I wish our son worked there, it would be so great for him!”


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is rooted in two core values: authenticity and long-term growth. We approach every interaction—be it with coworkers, stakeholders, or customers—as opportunities for mutual wins. Our focus isn’t just on immediate gains; we’re committed to the sustained well-being of all parties involved. When the intention behind our actions is clearly felt and aligned with the potential for genuine growth, it creates an environment where everyone can thrive.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s Culture for mean means working as a team to provide the best experience for our clients, and vendors. Also, I am excited to show up to work in the morning even on Mondays.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? To me Culture is a shared understanding of a way of life (whether personal or work) that is passed down as a process to strive to be and do the best a person can.  Culture is striving to be better, looking for new ways and enjoying the outcomes both professional and personally.  Culture is also being respectful to each other regardless of ethnicity, religion, etc. We can all learn a thing or two from each other.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First and foremost, we have fun, and that’s a non-negotiable part of our DNA. We’re not just coworkers; we’re a close-knit, caffeine-fueled family that knows how to keep the laughter rolling. Whether it’s a witty Teams exchange, a meme-filled email thread, or an impromptu desk-side belly laugh, we understand that a hearty laugh is sometimes the best catalyst for brilliant work.

It’s amazing how we can transition seamlessly from spirited banter to producing solid, top-notch work – we’ve mastered the art of balancing professionalism and playfulness

But what makes our culture exceptional is how we all mesh, both professionally and personally. We’re the kind of team that makes even the most daunting tasks feel like a cakewalk. I don’t think there’s an issue out there that can beat us when we put our heads together.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is so unique and different from many other organizations across Montana.  I love that we are cared about in our wellbeing, and you can identify hidden talents in each of us.



What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I love the idea of making our own schedules that work with our lives.  Adopting that notion is somewhat hard for me as I have a “must get every last thing done” mentality that I cannot seem to let go of.  I know that if I am not able to get every last thing done that it is not the end of the world by any means.

I love that everyone in this organization is supportive of one another, and we help build each other up from day to day.

I love being a part of First Call and have adopted you all as my extended family.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call culture has found the balance between a fun and productive workplace. To me, it means that I can easily reach out to team members for assistance without feeling like I am bothering them. It also means that you don’t have any reason to go home and complain about your coworkers/boss. It’s also getting to build relationships with our customers. We aren’t just a helpdesk; we are a team that is constantly tasked with difficult issues and needs to lean on one another to provide a solution.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? The culture here is the difference between a place I come to for the money and because I have to; and a place to come to because I enjoy it. The people around me (shaped by the culture) are the reason I get out of bed in the morning and love coming to work.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? Culture within an organization is by definition a set of beliefs, values, assumptions, and expectations that shape the behavior and environment of the people who work there. It can be a source of competitive advantage and a way of organizing and controlling the organization. It also reflects the organization’s mission, vision, philosophy, image, and interactions within and outside the office. The First Call culture has shaped all of those things in both my professional and private life. It has helped me build and foster healthy relationships. Culture is nothing without the people that embrace it and help it evolve over time. Culture is everything to me and First Call has a recipe for success baked in.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is very important. It makes the work environment so much better!

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? Being an in environment that supports growth and learning personally and professionally. Supporting each other at work and outside of it.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Calls culture promotes steady and positive growth.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is something I really love. We value customer relationships and employees; a win isn’t a win unless it’s a win for everyone, which is not something you can say for most companies. Since joining I’ve felt right at home, Montana can be a hard place to find fellow nerds sometimes but when I joined the team, I felt welcomed and like I belonged. I also really value that the culture is diverse I have co-workers I can go and play dungeons and dragons with after work on Thursdays and other ones that I can go on a hike with or go to the theater with. And the culture has a good balance of being able to joke around and have fun with your coworkers but then also being efficient and getting work done.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I cringe using the term “culture” to describe the workplace, but I’m relieved that everyone is friendly and supportive.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture fosters relationships. Since I have been here, everyone has been extraordinarily kind! If you need help or advice, just ask, and so many are willing. I love the job because of the people I work with being kind, funny, and all-around great people!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? For me, First Call’s culture is made up of a friendly atmosphere, helpful teams, and care for the organizations we support. Laid-back friendliness when appropriate, and professionalism when required makes for a great balance. This is why I stay.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is the best culture I have experienced so far in my professional tenure. The way we all care about each other always thriving toward perfection. The way we appreciate each other and assist each other. First Call culture has no place for ego or hatred which is the best part. I personally believe the base of First Call’s culture is building relationship and trust and I love it. Thank you First Call for introducing me to your wonderful Culture 🙂


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I have enjoyed working for First Call from the day I was hired. There have been good days and bad. Recently I was debating if this is where I really belonged as there were some issues that came up and I did not feel respected or valued. The great part is that I can address issues like that with debate and conversation. The core values we talk about on a regular basis encourage us all to speak up when needed and demand debate. The point of all this is that First Call encourages individuals to grow professionally and personally. When there are conflicts, it is encouraged to work through them and find solutions. First Call if relationship based and I value that most of all.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I enjoy the flexibility of my schedule. Having the work/life balance is extremely difficult, and missing work or personal things can be very frustrating. I appreciate the ability to get my work done whenever it makes sense. I do not get micromanaged, or hawkeyed throughout the day/week. Clear expectations are laid out, and I have the flexibility to go about it how I see best.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? Coming together to find the solution.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?   It still means the same thing as every year but each year the true meaning becomes more obvious to me. We all know we have a building full of intelligent and fully capable nerds. These people are caring of the people we support, and they also caring of their peers. Doing the work is the easy part but doing the work to be good people, that care about the people they support and their peers isn’t something you teach. It’s something you are. Good people, smart people, caring people, that’s FC culture.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s Culture is significant to me, especially as someone transitioning from a previous workplace with a fantastic cultural environment. During the panel interview, it was evident that First Call’s culture embodies acceptance, authenticity, and a contagious spirit.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call shines it’s brightest when people are acting as a team. The beauty of a team is that the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Where one person is weak, another is strong, when one department is overwhelmed, the other departments step up to lighten the load. When we all pull as one, we can accomplish great things and conquer obstacles that would otherwise be impossible.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? It’s hard to define what First Calls’ culture means to me. When you’re in the culture every day you don’t necessarily think about it as a unique concept. But when I look back at my time with First Call some moments definitely stand out.

When I started at First Call I had come out of a position where the only thing that mattered was what you contributed to the company’s bottom line. There were no other elements in the equation. But at First Call I received mentorship and investment both professionally and personally. When I wanted a different position inside of First Call, I still received mentorship and investment, even when I was not the right person for those positions. When I left First Call to pursue outside endeavors, I received cheers and good wishes from First Call. And when I eventually came back to First Call, I immediately resumed receiving mentorship and investment. When I hit a difficult period in my life, I felt that the other folks at First Call genuinely cared.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call has invested in me. Some folks here have mentored me. But at the same time, it felt like everyone here acknowledged that each team member is more than just a resource. That we have lives, goals, and desires outside of just our professional time, and that we use our professional endeavors to facilitate our lives outside. Perhaps that is why folks here are ready to go the extra mile when needed while also taking part in the uplifting culture we have.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First call’s culture to me is a group of people with varying skills and abilities, doing their best on a daily basis. When some days don’t go so well there is a network in place of caring, respectful people to work through things with you. It is an environment where being yourself is celebrated, and realizing at the end of the day we are all human and fallible and that’s ok.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s Culture means everything to me regarding being successful personally and professionally. The culture keeps our team together and drives successful outcomes as long as we honor our culture. I believe that as a team, we are successful at honoring our culture most of the time. Impeccable communication is the part of our culture that our team can spill on at times. With that said, because our culture is strong, we collectively overcome those slips and become grounded back into our culture once again. Without the culture and values at First Call, in my opinion, we would just be another MSP. We are not! We are a top-level MSP Nationally and it is all because of our culture and the members of our team that honor it!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call fosters growth in its people both personally and professionally. It is rare to experience a work environment where you genuinely enjoy the people you get to work with. You know you can bring issues and concerns to the table and that each person will work to find a resolution with respect and honesty. First Call is always looking to improve and open to input but has long established systems that just work. I feel very privileged to be able to say that I love my job each and every day for the last 4 years and look forward to many more.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? It means people helping people. Whether it is personal or professional, if anyone needs anything First Call employees will show up and help.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture, to me, means investing in ourselves and each other. It means encouraging each other when support is needed and sometimes even when it is not. It means helping ourselves and each other be better, whether it be personally or professionally. It means to work together to find answers, even if it does not fall under our specific job duties. It means collaborating with people with different perspectives and different skill sets. And lucky us, all those different people with all those different perspectives and skill sets are really cool people.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is what enticed me to pursue a career with you. Living out what your mission and vision is creates an excitement that makes we want to be my best for myself, the team, and the company. My motto has been “Relationships before transactions” which is exactly what First Call is about. We are in the IT Relationship business!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? The culture at First Call is the BEST culture in a workplace that I have ever seen. Everyone is supportive and genuinely wants the best for each other at work and in life. Every month we come together and discuss our culture, ways of thinking and what we want to achieve and accomplish as a company, and we give praise and gratitude to each other. We also discuss difficult issues and how we want to improve as a company. I really feel we are an A-team of A-teams, and we all try our best to positively impact each other and provide excellent IT services, support and relationships to all of our customers. I am truly grateful to be a part of this team.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I’ve always valued the fact that anyone can go to anyone at First Call and receive help. From the top to the bottom. That every idea from any employee was valued and taken into account. It seems that has been slipping as we’ve grown and there is more segregation between management and employees, and more “my way or the highway” mentality. I hope I’m currently seeing that improve as we’ve been coming out from a chaotic time, but it’s something that I hope we continue to put effort into.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Working together as a team and providing the best solutions to the client


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is a special thing in our corner of the business world. Recognizing that people and relationships are the most important part of any project, deal, or transaction is a powerful vision. Allowing leadership, managers, and employees to focus on each other, on our clients, and on the growth of individuals has become our superpower. Fostering an environment where the relationship is paramount allows us all to be ourselves, have fun, and still contribute in meaningful ways to our goals as a company and as individuals.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call offers me the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of IT support from knowledgeable, experienced co-workers while gaining valuable exposure to a wide variety of systems and setups across all of our clients. It also allows me to practice building relationships with those clients and to establish good working rapport with individuals that I get to communicate with on a day-to-day basis.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? Culture is driven by a unique set of core values centered on clear goals that define success. Accept nothing less than “A” Level. People, Processes, Tools and Outcomes clearly define what success looks like for First Call. The company is passionate about making an impact on people’s daily lives, and so are its people.

Though we move at a fast pace, and it might seem that we don’t have time to sit and explain things, every employee at First Call can be counted on to share, help and uplift others. Creating a company culture that fosters the development of those “A” level people.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? In my opinion, First Call’s culture is embodied by striving for excellence through curiosity, collaborative growth, reflection and enjoyment. When asked to jump at First Call, the response is not “how high”, but rather “should we be jumping here, and if so, how can we jump most effectively”. We get to do awesome work alongside awesome people.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? I think one thing that really stands out to me is that we don’t really have any employees that I don’t like. Any other place I’ve worked, there’s always been that one guy who you just can’t stand to work with! But everyone here is supportive and work well as a team.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture to me is a place that offers people an opportunity to work at a kick-ass company with a bunch of people who not only care about the work they do, but they also care about the people they do the work with. The company not only offers the opportunity for professional growth, but they encourage that growth.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s culture core relies on trust. Trust in my teammates, trust in myself, trust in our leadership. This manifests itself as an environment of freedom. I am given the tools and the training to accomplish the work I’ve agreed to do. But how that work gets done is left to my judgment. If I need help, I can trust that it is available. If I make a decision, I am trusted that it is the right decision. This is paired with accountability, mistakes as long as they are learned from are tolerated. This freedom allows for the pursuit of perfectibility. There is no expectation that you be perfect, but there is the expectation that you will be better tomorrow than you are today.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? For me, First Call’s culture provides not only a place I don’t mind going to work at every day, but a place I enjoy going to work at everyday. The team at First Call is comprised of very talented, and interesting individuals, who never cease to amaze me in their personal or professional lives.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call’s culture is the livelihood of this company, and it empowers us to perform well at work in all areas of life. It’s the inspiration that drives us forward with a clear objective for a true win.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? First Call culture for me is a place where growth and development matter. To me, work culture is like the heartbeat of every company it’s not just about the rules and policies but the pulse that runs through every interaction and shared experience. It’s the unique blend of values, attitudes, and behaviors that make up the personality of a company. First Call is an example of great culture. It’s the way we collaborate, the vibes during the daily huddle and every meeting. I believe, when the work culture is positive, it’s like a fuel that keeps us motivated, valued, and excited to contribute.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? A team is a group of people with a commonly shared purpose, goal, or objective. First Call is a team in the purest sense of the word. I genuinely believe that the people at First Call are working towards similar common objectives.

In reality, most of the population must work to support ourselves, our families, and/or other personal pursuits. Each day we make the choice to pursue personal endeavors in lieu of professional endeavors or vice versa. All too often this decision is viewed strictly as giving up one for the other.

At First Call, the general consensus is that both are possible. You can have a high-quality professional life, a high-quality personal life, and there can even exist harmony between the two. I’d even go one step further to argue that each is reciprocatively beneficial to the other.

Many people don’t have high quality in both aspects. Why? Well, it’s hard. It’s not always straightforward. Sometimes we get lost. Sometimes we go backwards. Sometimes we have a really big disagreement with someone, and it doesn’t feel good.

In both cases there is work to be done, there are challenges to be faced, and there are setbacks along the way. We all recognize these obstacles, support one another through them, and work as a team to overcome them.

The culture of First Call, to me, means that I get to interact with many others who share this mindset or something close to it. It’s easy to stand alongside one another when you’re aiming at the same target.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you? The opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals that are looking to grow and learn together.



What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I think of the mutual respect everyone has toward one another, no matter their position. Everyone is willing to assist if they can or help with questions. I’m always happy to see my coworkers, and that alone definitely helps get me up in the morning.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I’d like to think the culture of First Call is one of building relationships with both our customers and each other. Each person has strengths and weaknesses, and that should be recognized in order to succeed. We can’t always be perfect in our interactions with each other, but we should still try to be as often as we can. Tribalism only serves to manifest an “us vs. them” mentality and is not conducive to effective working relationships or an enjoyable workplace atmosphere.

I find there is an appropriate balance between work and life for the most part, even on long days. I appreciate having opportunities to grow in a career and skill set, solve problems and look for better ways to accomplish things, which are all part of our core values. And it helps knowing I have people here I can talk to, even if it is not very often.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call culture has found the balance between a fun and productive workplace. To me, it means that I can easily reach out to team members with questions without feeling like I am bothering anyone. It also means that you don’t have any reasons to go home and complain about your coworkers/boss. Being a new employee, the first couple of months are always tricky because you constantly have to reach out to get answers. Ephraim is always more than willing to point me in the right direction, whether it’s procedures or how to handle a client request. I was lucky enough to job shadow, and he is one of the funniest dudes I’ve met. He really set the pace for me when I first started working here. Dave is also very good at using all the tools the company provides.

Being a remote employee, it is naturally tough to fully connect with team members, so I definitely value any time I can get a coworker on the phone and have an open dialogue conversation about the company, personal life, etc.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Striving for excellence in all aspects.

Communicating, executing, delivering, you name it, we want to strive for excellence.  It’s a family of high-achievers; we love and support one another, and we want everyone around us to be the best so that we ourselves can be the best.  It may seem a bit pretentious to strive for excellence in everything, but high standards lead to high output and high production, and high quality. And not just in the physical work we put in.  Excellence also means excellence at supporting employees, pay raises, company retreats and gatherings, and so on. So when we talk about excellence, yes, we strive for excellence on all tickets, but we also strive for excellence in our work/life balance, excellence in our personal lives, excellence in the world we live, excellence in our plan to grow with this company for many years to come.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I was shortly out of college (7+ long, grueling years getting my Bachelors, then Masters’s in Accounting) when I applied to work at BASS (Business Accounting Solutions and Services). I had to wait for an opening, but Scott did eventually hire me. I did have some prior accounting experience at another business (which I am now the CFO of), but BASS was my first “real” accounting job. FCCS was my first client with BASS, and I didn’t do much for you to start. I did minimal AR work (daily invoicing, then agreement invoicing). Over the years my workload for FCCS has increased, and I have learned to do many things for FCCS.  I love being an accounting clerk at FCCS! The business has so many complex accounting situations and different things to track, and I have learned so much and gained so much practical experience – things you don’t get in the classroom in college. I truly do love organizing and tracking your financial data.One of the reasons I like working at FCCS so much IS the Culture. Every day, I get to work with some pretty awesome people. I don’t have contact with everyone at FCCS, but the ones I do are professional and fun to work with. They all take their job seriously, and they all are happy and readily available when I have questions or need clarification on something. There is much fun and shenanigans on the Teams boards that bring out everyone’s personalities. I enjoy the monthly meetings (although I never attend in person – as a night owl, I do not do 8 a.m., sorry!) and hearing about everyone’s promotions and anniversaries. I have worked many jobs in my life, not just accounting, and FCCS does have a pretty special culture, like a family. You can tell that everyone cares about each other. I am thankful and grateful for my role at FCCS. What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Culture is everything! Showing up and being a part of something creates a desire to move forward. Since I joined First Call, watching how everyone interacts and builds each other up has been so refreshing.  Standing shoulder to shoulder.

People will stay or leave a company because of Culture. Money is indifferent if the environment is right.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I’ve said this before, and I say it to anyone that wants to know about First Call and “what” we are. We all know we have a Team full of smart people. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have a place to work. The core of First Call IS the Culture of how we treat each other and our clients. There are smart people everywhere and lots of places to work that have smart people; there aren’t lots of places to work where everyone treats everyone well. This is that place.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I believe First Call’s Culture is like a tight-knit community. I think it represents a need to be our best for each other and our clients. First Call feels more like family than any other job I’ve had.  First Call’s culture, to me, has changed my view on what a job can be.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call culture has always been the comradery between all personnel of the is company.  The willingness to take the time to help a fellow teammate despite busy schedules.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  To me, it means aiming to have trustworthy and respectful relationships with the people I work with and work for. Being a part of a team and putting others before yourself with work and with other relationships outside of work.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s culture at large always seems to be focused on people first, and as such, I always got the sense of a relatively open, honest, drama-free, and flexible place to work with most folks most of the time being able to get along, become friends, or at least work well enough together to keep the ship sailing in good and rough times.  That’s my clinical description of First Call. How does it feel? Safe (relatively speaking LOL), respected, valued.  Being able to go to work and have zero drama and struggles with management, etc., goes a long way towards fostering those feelings and that “I matter” as a person and not just a resource node to be tapped. I’ve direct reported to Chris and Steve for all of my career here, and I’m lucky to always have folks that see my value, even during those times where I might be struggling to see it.  I think “First Call the company” and “what it does for work” is different than First Call the place and Culture. We could be doing just about anything else for work and probably stuff that would make us all wealthier, but I think in the end, “First Call the company” has become a place where (most folks, most of the time if they are a good fit) feels safe, respected, and valued.  There are always going to be challenges (personal and professional) with managing the business of First Call, and I’m glad to see that hasn’t negatively impacted the heart of First Call.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  A shared vision of making the world a better place than how we found it for both our clients and us.  To me, First Call’s Culture is the essence of comradery. Everyone is so uplifting and supportive. It makes for a great place to be employed.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture is important to me because the company does such good work for its clients. Customer service means a lot to me, and First Call has the people to do the job right. It is obvious that a lot of work has gone into building this company.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you It means being the best version of myself in business and in life. See a need and fill that need. Be kind and accountable. To seek the best outcome but only through means that do not compromise being the best version of myself or others.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you Speaking for myself, I have worked with multiple organizations but have never found the type of culture that First Call embraces. It’s all about love & relationship. It is easy to build a professional relationship, but First Call’s culture taught me to build a professional relationship along with trust, love, and bonding. I am from a foreign country from the other side of the world, a very different culture.  I would like to say with 100% surety that First Call’s culture has made me understand that language is just a tool to communicate, but real communication is through love & passion which has helped me in getting accepted <3 !

Thank you, First Call!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I have had a more unique and different experience with the Company and the culture as I do not work in the office.  Since I am remote, there are a lot of individuals I do not interact with other than on MS Teams. I have found that the culture here is significantly better than some other toxic work environments that I have worked in previously.

I think that we have some really good people in the company, and many are more than willing to help and assist in any way that they can, and it is awesome.   Sometimes I have noticed is there seems to be a loss of communication between some departments and a lot of times. It comes off as the left-hand does not know what the right hand is doing to the client. It is also difficult not to feel disengaged or alienated as a remote employee. A good portion of your work goes unseen and unnoticed by many. While praising others for a win or exemplifying a core value is a good thing, often times those who are not in the office are not going to receive those “praise” worthy posts since no one is there to witness their hard work.  Developing a good team and a positive culture is incredibly challenging. I think there are several ‘A’ level team players here and a good CEO that is working towards a worthy goal/cause.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  The primary thing that I think of and what First Call’s culture means to me is always being there for my coworkers and for our clients. This never makes work or the assistance you’re providing feel like a burden. Always be respectful to one another.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I appreciate being able to work with a team that can adapt to the constant change and growth that is happening here at FC. I appreciate being heard and listened to when there are things that can be improved on, and I am excited to see the changes that are happening currently. The FC Team is comprised of so many intelligent, caring individuals, and I appreciate each and every one of them. Personally, I would like to work on relationship building and being more involved with the culture and people at FC and have a positive impact on others.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  To me, culture is a shared way of life’s values and beliefs among individuals, groups, family, companies, etc… whether it be in the community, the workplace, or your personal life. First Call has achieved this “shared way”.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s culture is something we have evolved over many years. We have not only worked to foster individual growth but team effort towards a shared purpose. Like Conor says, it is no single person’s responsibility, but rather everyone has to keep it alive. I personally aim to foster an environment where people feel heard but also gain a better understanding of our shared goals and the best way to look at them. I have been taught over the years by Conor and Matt to look at the business through many different lenses, and want to teach those to others. I believe we have strength in uplifting A players and a willingness to address those that don’t want to put in the effort needed to meet our standards of quality.  With our current size and growth, we have new cultural challenges that I would love to see us work on.  I would love for there to be a cultural shift where everyone feels their part in our shared mission beyond just I think I am here to deliver this one thing, and it somehow meets our goal. We are all out together to create THE BEST company we can while competing against the rest of the world together! We have a very complex machine running right now with lots of challenges to come, and we have different parts of the machine pointing at each other as a fault of the challenges. It is not at a bad level but needs recognition.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture means being there for your team and doing your part to ensure we offer the best service we can to the customer. We all serve a purpose at the company and are counting on each other to do our parts. It also means helping one another whenever the opportunity presents itself. Always striving to be the best person you can be in the moment.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I just work on the periphery of First Call, but I get a sense of the quality of work and concern for each employee. It is impressive how much everyone seems to enjoy the work and each other. I appreciate the emphasis on balance and living a full life within and without the company.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  It is a team & everyone contributes in some way – everyone helps others & makes you feel welcome & appreciated!!!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I respect, value, and appreciate the fact that FCCS trusts me to get my work done and spend time with my family. I like that I can work and have fun at the same time. I like the opportunity to grow and learn new things and take on new challenges.  I appreciate when coworkers take ownership and responsibility for a problem.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call culture is a group of like-minded people coming together as a team to offer a solution to something related to IT. While salary may attract a person, it is Culture that will keep a person. My drive has changed over the years, and Culture has become the most important. I could echo everything you wrote, Conor. Except I LOVE information technology too.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?   Culture is closely tied to core values.  It is each person’s individual effort to be more together; than they could ever be alone. It’s a belief, yet you can feel it

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  One of the most impressive parts of the Culture here is the close nit working relationship with all employees, the transparency of the executives of this company makes it easy to know what is happening within the company, where the company is sitting in all aspects, from finances to how we deliver our product. There are a lot of personal touches here at First Call and a sense of general caring about the people who work here and not just on a people basis but on a “person basis. It means a lot to work for a company that doesn’t look at any employees as a wasted investment, even if the company knows this may not be the forever job of someone, and I find that incredible and a true diamond in the rough. Overall, the Culture here is impressive, motivating, and most definitely makes me want to come to work. From my experience in the places I have worked and the various jobs I’ve done in the IT world, I look at First Call as a WORLD CLASS IT PROVIDER. We may not have clients on all seven continents, but we provide a hell of a service here. The teamwork that goes into accomplishing our missions is far above the bar average. We own problems and solve them. If there is a problem, we get the minds together and solve the problem, I am a part of a World Class Team at a World Class IT Provider.  One area we could improve on is how we dress to align with our world class service.  The company provides the clothing and options but lots of us don’t always “meet the standard”.  I’d like to see more people dressing the part.  Overall, this is hands down one of the best cultures and environments I’ve ever worked in. I’m truly appreciative of the fact I get to be a part of this World Class Team at this World Class IT Provider called First Call! I’m glad to be here!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  As cheesy as it sounds, First Call’s Culture has created a family outside of my own. I have built relationships beyond just working as an employee alongside others and instead have come to find I have true friends that I trust both inside the walls of First Call and out. Our Culture means trust and knowing that my fellow employees have my back. We care about one another, and our shared caring equals success not only for ourselves but those that we serve as well!


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  To me, it means being able to come into a workplace environment and enjoy working with any of my coworkers and the work I’m going to do. That the Culture brewed is one where everyone wants to help everyone succeed, so there are no outliers of people who feel like they can’t do their job or dislike being here.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture is focused on developing and supporting leaders. Individuals are encouraged to take ownership of our standards, process, and tools – fostering not just a “this is how it’s done” attitude but rather a “let’s make this the best possible system together” approach.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Calls culture, to me, means teamwork. Looking out for not just the people on our First Call team but the vendors and clients who make up the team as well.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call culture, I look at this as I have a family at work. Being a manager, I want to be able to provide a healthy working environment for my team. It is super important to have a team that is accountable, reliable, and works to add value to the entire First Call team. I know that I can call anyone at First Call if I need something or need assistance. There have been several times I relied on our technical staff to help me understand IT concepts, and I have never been made feel less of a person because I didn’t know something. I choose to stay with First Call because of the team and Culture. The Culture encourages positive attitudes that lead to valuable results.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  To describe what First Call’s Culture means to me, I think it’s important to define first how I think of Culture. Only people have Culture.  Organizations don’t create Culture. Nations don’t create Culture. People do.  A strong, positive culture is a testament to, and a reflection of, those individuals who helped create it. I was fortunate to join a group of people who had already worked very hard to develop and strengthen said Culture. Every individual, as part of any culture, is either enhancing the Culture or diminishing it. At First Call, it’s reassuring to witness most people making the daily choice to be enhancers rather than diminishers. I have always felt a deep inherent responsibility to pay things forward, to be useful in the ways I’m able, and to be helpful to those around me. As it relates specifically to my role at First Call, I can primarily (but not only) do this by helping create and protect value for each of the people who create and protect the Culture. Beyond the feeling of responsibility, it has also become a desire which has only grown with time. All because of the Culture that has been created.  I can’t think of many cultures more worthwhile than that.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture means everything to me. I hope I am not alone in that I work to live, not live to work. I will admit I was apprehensive about joining First Call as this year was my first foray into the professional IT world. After reading one-to-many horror stories on Reddit, I told myself I’d never work for an MSP or an ISP. However, I am very glad I listened to my friends and family and took the jump to First Call. The atmosphere and the people I work with are great. I do not state that lightly. The amount of care and consideration for each other as fellow human beings is immense. I do not believe any work environment is perfect. However, First Call appears to make an effort, and I think that’s what matters. The fact that a C-level employee requests and is interested in feedback from all staff in the Organization speak volumes.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  In short, everything. It is the Culture that makes a company. The Culture informs who is hired and who stays. Because of this Culture and our alignment with it, I love the people I come to work with. Making them better and watching them grow and succeed is why I get out of bed. Seeing the impact of our Culture on the results we produce for our customers is why I come to work.  I could go on, but I won’t. In short, everything.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Our Culture is our guiding light for why and how we do what we do. All too often, it seems, business is driven by the bottom line, where earnings, profits, and production are all that matter. First Call’s Culture is what sets us apart. Monetary rewards are important for everyone involved in the business but are rightly viewed as a result of our hard work rather than the most important goal. Fostering a culture where everyone strives to be an A player, not to make the most money, but to give our best to help our coworkers, our clients, and ourselves is a special thing. Continuing to evolve and improve our Culture is an important goal to continue building an A team now and into the future.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Our Culture is our operational compass. It defines the parameters of our character that we judge ourselves by, and it is the fabric of our existence as a company of individuals striving to be a team.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Family is what I think of when I think of First Call’s Culture. I’ve always wanted to be a part of something greater than myself. I got sober ten years ago, and that’s when I got to learn about selflessness and helping others achieve sobriety. I spent half of my sobriety at different jobs, trying to find that family culture. When I decided to change career paths and go into information technology is when I found that I could help others with their technical needs. I’ve worked at a few IT companies here in and so far, only one has had that family culture. When I attended my first-morning huddle is when I got to experience First Call’s family culture. I’m excited to be a part of something great than me and to help others achieve IT greatness! LOL


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  The First Call company culture is focused on providing the best experience for our clients. That requires everyone at the company to do their best to achieve a “true win.” That means we need to be A-level people and do our best to deliver the best experience, products, and interactions.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  Camaraderie. We spend a hefty chunk of our lives at or thinking about work. First Call’s Culture of lightheartedness and camaraderie makes even the` rough days manageable when you have confident, competent friends to share the burden.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  At first, I didn’t know how to answer this question. So, I went home and thought about it. Spoke to my wife and pondered…First Call is the first company that I feel at home. The first place where I feel a sense of belonging. But at the same time, I feel apprehensive and nervous that I’m not truly a fit. From my previous employer, I developed a LOT of self-confidence issues. I was gas-lit into thinking that I was stupid, lazy, and just couldn’t do anything right. But I stuck with it because I didn’t think I was good enough to try and get out of there. One particularly bad day, I stumbled on an Indeed listing for First Call; I had never heard of FC before that day. I turned to google and did some research. What I found sounded interesting. An MSP? I had always heard that going from internal IT to an MSP was DIFFICULT. Would I fit in? Was I even good enough? I talked to my mom. My best friend. My girlfriend. I prayed. Then I took the leap.   This is HANDS DOWN, one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I get along with Ephraim when we interviewed on the phone, I got hired. I was shocked, stunned to my core. It was at that moment that I started healing. It took weeks and weeks for me not to feel nervous about going to work, months to not flinch when I heard the Teams ringer; my last boss would exclusively call me on teams to scream at me.  First Call was tough. There was a lot to learn. I still had thoughts that I wasn’t good enough; I still do. But because of how things are here, because of the sorts of people that I get to be around and work with, because of how the company is run, I feel happy. For the first time in more than three years, I felt happy going to work in the morning. Here I feel at home. Here I feel part of something. Here I am, Happy. I have only been here for six months, but I know deep in my heart that I am staying here for the long haul. Because of the Culture that First Call has developed. To whoever reads this, I want to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude for making me feel like a person.

What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  I love the goofy Culture of First Call. Getting to have fun and joke around with like-minded people. Like… I don’t know how many ‘your-mom’ jokes I have on Teams with Justin (don’t look, it’ll just embarrass everyone, LOL.) Yet on the flip side, having colleagues who are hard workers pick up the slack and are self-driven to do the little things right. But not work hard; play hard. Having a healthy work-life harmony, and I’m going to copy/paste this from the internet “where we incorporate work into the rest of life in a way that promotes happiness both at home and in the office.”  It’s no secret that a medical condition has made it difficult at times for me to be a normal, functioning human being. Having the understanding and flexibility from FC has literally meant everything. Some of my biggest cheerleaders are at FC, and I share my medical information, not for pity, but so that people are aware during the times when I need to have some flexibility. I have a shitty medical condition, but I’m still able to be a full-time kick-ass employee. On a less direct personal note, I appreciate the Culture of trust that FC has been able to set in place. In one part, we have the infrastructure to have that trust with our tracking and documentation. On the other hand, there’s just a culture of trust. Trust that employees are going to get their work done. Trust that employees are going to get their work done WELL. Trust allows employees to make day-to-day business decisions. Trust to get shit done.

I can’t not mention debate. And not just debate for debate’s sake. But one piece of our Culture that I do not want to lose is how FC has always taken employees’ ideas into serious consideration or listened to what issues we have going on and helped resolve them. This is not a ‘be quiet and do your job kind of place, and if it ever became that, I would feel suppressed and lose my joy in the work that I do. I appreciate that I can challenge ideas even with Matt Manley, even if I do sometimes provoke him into being a curmudgeon. 😉 In all seriousness, I enjoy the sharing of ideas, knowing that everything we do is in the spirit of constant improvement.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture means a place I not only enjoy working at but look forward to each day. It’s the similar drive to contribute to the team and help each other be better and more successful that’s a big part of the enjoyment of being part of that Culture.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  For me, it means working as a team and really getting along well with each other. Also, leveraging each other’s strong points and being willing to help where we can.


What does First Call’s Culture mean to you?  First Call’s Culture is all about work-life balance. Offering comforts in the office (snacks, coffee, etc.) ensures that we are all comfortable at work and therefore avoid burnout. Company events that are not work-related are another way that FC balances work and life. Encouraging time off is another example of how FCCS pays attention to our work-life balance.


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