Montana Schools are Under Attack

Montana Schools are under attack. Columbia Falls, Havre, Bainville, Forsyth, Bigfork have all been breached.

Could you be next?

The importance of school cybersecurity is paramount, and District are not getting ahead of the cybersecurity problems.

Can you identify your top security threats?

Now, more than ever teaching, learning and student records are at risk given District’s dependence on digital systems remote, hybrid and/or in school.

The risks don’t stop there, CoSN (Consortium for School Networking) highlights these other key concerns:

  • Districts and technology staff may be held liable for incidents.
  • Federal law requires compliance: FERPA, PPRA, CIPA, COPPA
  • Hits to the professional reputation of Administrators.

    First Call Computer Solutions has an affordable Cybersecurity program designed especially for Montana’s Class A, B and C schools.

    First Call has over 20 years of experience working side by side with Schools across Western, Central and Eastern Montana.

    First Call has been a longstanding supporter and affiliate member of the School Administrators of Montana regularly supporting and participating in annual events and conferences.

    This along with the work we do around cybersecurity with our banking, hospital and other regulated clients has served us well in protecting our school clients consistently and affordably!

    Security hardening isn’t tough (or expensive) with First Call.

    Meet with us to discover how we can help:

    • Train, test and strengthen your users.
    • Monitor for stolen credentials of your teachers, staff and students.
    • Formally assess and measure the risk annually to help schools stay aligned, reducing cyber risk and insurance costs.
    • Create true threat awareness through our affordable managed detection and response (MDR) services.
    • Give District IT personnel (in-house or 3rd party) more shoulders helping them be successful without overloading the network or the budget.

    Defend Against Data Threats

    Montana’s School Superintendents and Technology Professionals are all too aware of the problem but lack an affordable approach to deal with the threats both locally and in the cloud.

    First Call’s Advanced Security solution for Schools partners with your existing IT resources and extends the District’s capabilities to defend against advanced threats:


    Distributed Denial of Service (DDos)

    Data Breaches


    Internet of Things (IoT) Vulnerabilities

    Users and human error

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