How Managed IT Services positively impacts Construction Companies

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About the Company 

Founded in 1967 by Bill Mytty, Quality Construction Company began a decades-long journey in the construction industry by building residential homes in Western Montana. Thereafter they expanded into commercial and industrial construction, and have built hundreds of successful projects since.

As an established company with the experience and expertise to handle projects that range from $50,000 to $35 million, Quality Construction enjoys a reputation that few companies can — They get the job done right … right from the start!



Construction companies, no matter the size, have unique operations that make them different from other Businesses. Construction companies like hands on work and take pride in quality craftsmanship.  However, gone are the days of pen and paper estimates and supply.  More and more reliance is being placed on complex network environments to help scale business, improve unified communication and enable initiatives for digital transformation with cloud offerings.


Unique Operations Constraints


Need for Growth & Change


Digital Transformation


Computer Networks are becoming more complex every year.  For over seven years Quality Construction (QC) has partnered with First Call for Managed IT Services.

Managed IT services represents the solution for bridging the technical gap between Construction and IT Operations.    Great innovation is being made, but without the knowledge and expertise of IT systems, many companies are forced to pass on taking advantage these newer technologies.

“The biggest positive impact for Quality Construction Co. has been Managed Services. Quality places tremendous confidence in First Call to advise of “Best Practices” with ever changing technology.  Having a plan and knowing where you are going is the best reward for partnering with First Call.”

Becky Cloninger

CPA Chief Financial Officer , Quality Construction Co.



Partnering with First Call enables Quality Construction to focus on their specialty and core business functions.   Now Quality Construction has access to the same advanced technology as a large enterprises; without fear, uncertainty and doubt. 

Together we are able to take advantage of reliable, integrated solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of their business. Managed IT Services means less headaches, giving QC time to run their company rather than worrying about technical issues. If there is a hardware or software issue, a First Call IT expert is there to solve the problem.

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