Keep Your IT Person with Co-Managed IT


Meet Cindy.



Everyone at work loves Cindy.



She is always kind, willing to take on additional work and is often considered the “Office Mom.”



Cindy started out somewhat IT savvy when she first began working in the office, and her willingness to help has now made her the go-to IT guru.



Cindy has always happily tackled any IT issues that arose but lately, her willingness to take on additional work is catching up with her. She is grumpy, stressed out, tired, and it is beginning to show in her daily work.



You realize that Cindy has too much on her work plate. Your business is expanding, and she is now doing the job of 2 people, IT guru and office employee. The fear sets in, and you know that if something doesn’t change soon, Cindy will become too overburdened and begin looking for a different job.



So how do you help decrease Cindy’s workload and still get IT support for your office without hiring another employee?



Consider Co-Managed IT!



Find a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who will partner with your business, and offers co-managed IT.

This MSP will perform the work of an entire IT Department for only a fraction of the cost of hiring another employee.

In our case above, co-managed IT services would greatly decrease Cindy’s IT workload and will free Cindy up to focus on her official position as an office employee.

Help your office Cindy out and contact First Call today!

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