Questions You Should Be Asking When Considering a Managed Services Provider

These days it seems like there is a new MSP popping up every week. Deciphering their rhetoric is no easy task. The truth is every organization has different needs and every MSP has a different offering. No matter what the offering, there are multiple factors that you should be considering to make the right decision for your business. Here are the top 3 questions to consider before making your choice.

  1. Do they understand my business’s needs?
    No two businesses are alike, and an effective MSP knows and understands this. In order to make the right recommendations, MSPs need to first comprehend your business’s specific business objectives. If they are not asking you about your business, then you should not trust them to meet your IT needs.
  2. Is their support method reactive or proactive?
    The majority of MSPs offer a reactive support method; meaning that they sit around and wait for an issue to arise before acting to fix it. That’s how they make money. However, the reactive method requires longer down times and every minute you are down, you are losing money. In contrast, MSPs who follow a proactive approach are constantly monitoring your network essentials, making infrastructure recommendations that increase uptime and productivity, and working with your organization to make sure your It plan matches the needs of your business plan and budget.
  3. Do they have a disaster recovery plan?
    Disaster strikes (a tornado, earthquake, or fire)—now what? A superior MSP can answer this question with ease. If the MSP you are considering does not have an effective plan in place for worst-case scenarios, then you need to keep looking. As you already know, being prepared is what sets apart a successful growing business from a mediocre sedentary business.

Keep it simple. If they don’t meet these three basic requirements, then move on and find one that does!