Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Association

Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Association is dedicated to providing quality services and products to its customers, all the while remaining financially strong and adding value to the quality of life in the communities it serves. Located in Dillon and Deer Lodge, Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan serve diverse populations with varying needs. Pioneer Federal was established in 1912 and is the only operating mutual savings and loan in Montana yet offers all the services and products found at any typical commercial bank.

Industry: Financial
Company Size: 30 Users
Location: Dillon & Deer Lodge, MT


When making changes in IT Infrastructure must be approached carefully and strategically. When Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan decided that it was time for a change, they knew it would benefit them but steeled for the pain. As a regulated industry, any change can have a far-reaching impact. When Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan Launched down a path to bring a hosted environment in-house, their goal was to simplify regulatory auditing and gain more control over their environment and IT responsiveness. First Call Computer Solutions worked with Pioneer Federal Savings and Loan to make the desired changes to minimize downtime and user impact.


The Changes were sweeping, new server, new workstations, re-integration with remote technologies and banking systems… a near-total re-creation of the banking environment with one immutable requirement: The Bank cannot be closed during banking hours. Phil Willett, Bank President/CEO, is passionate about ensuring that clients have consistent banking access. “First Call was very prepared and had our staff ready on what to expect prior to the cutover date in order to help achieve one of our primary goals of no downtime or closure so as not to interrupt anything for our most important asset…our customers. The First Call staff came in Friday night after the Bank closed, had everything complete Sunday evening, and we were ready for business on Monday morning, so we couldn’t have asked for anything more on that end,” said President Willett.


Staging is key. First Call was worked with 3rd party vendors in collaboration with the Bank’s staff and created a plan to move the Bank over to the new network environment. First Call was able to successfully provide effective failover measures to keep banking transactions flowing in the event of any unforeseen obstacles during the first days in the new environment. A parallel environment was leveraged to allow staff to test functionality in the new environment to build confidence in this massive undertaking. Over the course of a weekend, the banking environment was moved, tested, and ready to go.


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