Bullhook Community Health Center originated in September 2005 as a Hill County Health Department section, funded by a federal Healthy Communities Access Planning Grant. This grant allowed the Health Department’s Bullhook Clinic to offer the community medical and care management services with a sliding fee scale. Patients were able to access coordinated and holistic care with other providers in the community. On July 1, 2007, a federal Community Health Center Grant was awarded to the board of directors for a new organization, Bullhook Community Health Center, Inc.

Bullhook Community Health Center provides healthcare services that help reduce the financial burden placed on the community when uninsured and underinsured residents cannot get the needed healthcare or cannot pay for the healthcare they do get. In addition, the Healthcare center engages First Call computer solutions for their Helpdesk support, strategic IT planning, and aligning solutions with Industry best practices.

Industry: Healthcare
Company Size: 70+ Users
Location: Havre MT


Ever-evolving critical risks are facing the Healthcare industry today. To meet today’s Healthcare IT demands, Healthcare leaders nationwide are facing some tough decisions. All the traditional challenges are still present – Maintaining patient care standards and privacy, cutting unnecessary spending, reducing staff turnover, and delivering the best patient care in the safest possible ways.

Since the pandemic, the traditional challenges were made even more difficult with fear, uncertainty, and doubt around Covid. Bullhook needed to develop a safe way to educate and safely care for those patients in need.


Evolving Risks

Patient Confidentiality


Regulation Compliance

Manage Fear & Uncertainty

“First Call has been instrumental in ensuring that our system is up to date and able to handle our constantly changing environment. With the pandemic in 2020, they were quick to assist us with setting up additional routers to do COVID testing and making sure our equipment could handle our rapid transition to Telehealth. Knowing that our IT needs are taken care of is a huge relief to our facility.”

Kyndra Hall

CEO, Bullhook Community Health Center


With the challenges clearly defined, Bullhook turned to First Call for some IT help. As the IT Managed Services provider for Bullhook, we are very familiar with their people, processes, tools, and technology. They were having partnered for years, made solution design easier and implementation much faster.

First Call extended the secure wireless network to enable new workflow, taking Covid testing to the parking lot. Telehealth has also played a significant role in easing patients’ minds fearful of a visit to the Community Health Center. Bullhook has made considerable investments to make Telehealth and Drive up Covid testing the best solution for the challenging times we are facing.







Everyone loves technology – when it works. IT managed services provides a means for bringing IT innovation to where it is needed while reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and allowing partners to focus on their core competencies. Bullhook Community Health Center, powered by Managed Services, is far better equipped to fulfill its pledge to provide the safest, most reliable health care to the Havre Community and neighboring areas.

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