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As businesses grow and IT continues evolving, IT departments are unrealistically expected to keep pace.  Whether it’s a one person team or a department of many, being held accountable for all things IT can become a stressful burden and a risk to the organization, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

At First Call Computer Solutions our goal is to work alongside of your team, with our shoulders together, to fill the gaps.

You are an irreplaceable asset, let us assist in your success.

Today cybersecurity is at the forefront of all things IT.  It is no longer a matter of if you will be hacked, it is when.  And how those attacks are dealt with can determine the fate of an organization.

Through our own experience, issues arise because internal IT teams are:

  • Spread too thin
  • Expected to know everything about everything
  • Expected to resolve day-to-day support tickets immediately

These difficulties usually go unnoticed outside of the IT Department.  It is only when a password needs resetting or server rebooted that a thought is given.

We understand the pain. We are here to help.


What to expect from Your ‘Robin’

Increase Your Bandwidth

This is a critical department and being spread to thin will cause errors. Add bandwidth to concentrate more on individual tasks and reduce stress.

Focus on What Matters

With a partnership like this, bandwidth increases, reactive issues decrease so you can focus on important proactive projects and initiatives.

Expand Levels of Expertise

No one is an expert in everything, but there are experts in specific fields.  Pool the resources of your team and ours for a more robust network.

Secure = Success

At the end of the day, a safer, more secure operation means success.  Doing what it takes to be successful is a big part of the IT Department and it’s partners.

Meg Ross

Security Solutions Advisor – First Call Comptuer Solutions



Discuss Cybersecurity Solutions Today

Cybersecurity Supporting Montana Businesses

Reasons Why Montana Organizations Choose First Call to MANAGE THEIR CYBERSECURITY

Here is a breakdown of the main problems that impede success for business growth and how First Call Computer Solutions can eliminate those barriers:

Volume And Scope of Work are Expanding

As businesses grow, IT and operational needs seem to grow much faster. This means more end users, more network access points, more vulnerabilities.  Although expected to by upper management, it is undeniably difficult to keep up with demands for support, managing central services AND proactive cybersecurity measures.  Ultimately, a breach is far more costly than the expense of co-managed security services.

Reacting More and More

With the increase of volume and scope of work comes a higher demand for support.  The IT Department can be an exciting place where new developments and projects lead to leaner, more effective organizations.  However, as support tickets begin to pile up, time and resources to undertake these endeavors become more scarce.

Especially when it comes to cybersecurity incident response.

Those projects and initiatives that were schedule for Q1, get pushed to Q2, then Q4.  And all the while proactive initiatives fall further behind, including cybersecurity enforcement.

Expected to be the Expert… in everything!

Mantaining a safe and secure network requires expert level knowledge in several different areas.  Expecting one person or one team to posses that level of understanding is untenable. Furthermore, due to this high level of pressure and reliance, IT professionals are often hesitant to admit that help is needed.  This leads to higher risk in an already perilous environment.

Hire, Train, Fire and Repeat

In the IT world, high turnover comes with the territory.  Great techs are recruited, more often head hunted, and there will be a higher wage for the good ones across town.  The resources required to attract these candidates, train them into your organization, then retain them are costly.  Especially when, 6 months later, that tech is parting ways to a competitor.


Small and midsize organizations are sure they are dependent on IT, data, and their software applications. They also know that they need to protect themselves and be able to recover should an incident occur.

First Call offers Cyber Security Consulting and Managed Security Services and would be happy to learn more about your current approach and help you find affordable approaches to managing the risk.

First Call offers Solutions

Benefits to teaming with a 

First Call Computer Solutions creates a partnership.  We leverage you team’s knowledge with ours in order to create clear roles and responsibilities.  This is your organization, let’s put our shoulders together and help you reach your goals.  Here’s how:

increase your team’s bandwidth

Teaming with a partner like First Call Computer Solutions will immediately give your team more freedom to work on the projects and initiatives that you have been putting off.  This will also reflect in response time and being able to quickly deal with and resolve your client’s issues.  Less downtime for your clients means happy end-users.  At the end of the day, that is one way we can measure success.

Expand knowledge & expertise

The First Call team is already trained, certified and experienced in the specific demands of your industry.  Furthermore, by aligning and building upon the knowledge that already exists within your organization, we start to fill the gaps without being overly saturated in one field or another.

It is not about being the smartest, it’s about working with the smartest team.

Understading & Maintaining Compliance

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has forced every industry and every business to be aware of the implications that regulations will have on devices and systems.

HIPPA, CMMC, NIST and now cybersecurity insurance take those regulations one step further.  With First Call, our team possesses the knowledge to navigate your industry, achieve compliance and remain compliant as these regulations evolve.

In order to avoid debilitating fee from incompliance, or worse yet a real-life breach, partnering up to develop a compliance strategy is crucial to long-term growth.

Meg Ross

Security Solutions Advisor – First Call Comptuer Solutions



Discuss Cybersecurity Solutions Today

Time to discuss how a partnership can make your IT Department more successful?

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