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First Call has been providing managed IT services to businesses in Great Falls for over 20 years. We have a skilled team of experts to consult, plan and implement the right solution for your business.

Great Falls businesses have Talent

What a wonderful place to work! From manufacturing to healtchare, to banking and government agencies, Great Falls MT has some of the most coveted positions and talented organizations in Montana.

Great Falls’s economic boom has fostered a vibrant commercial environment. Local businesses are thriving, driven by a surge in demand from a growing population and an influx of visitors. This growth has spurred competitiveness in the market, encouraging innovation and excellence among businesses to meet the high expectations of consumers. Entrepreneurs and established companies alike are capitalizing on this opportunity, offering diverse and high-quality products and services that cater to an increasingly discerning clientele.

Great Falls is different than most places in Montana, and if your business is thriving here, you definitely have the talent!

Operations in Great Falls are challenging!

Running a successful business in Great Falls is a battle. While Bdozeman’s growth presents numerous opportunities, it also brings significant challenges, particularly in the labor market. One of the most pressing issues is the difficulty in finding, employing, and retaining qualified team members, especially in specialized fields such as IT and cybersecurity.

As businesses in Great Falls expand and modernize, the need for skilled IT and cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed. Companies require advanced technological infrastructure and robust cybersecurity measures to protect their operations and customer data. However, the supply of qualified professionals in these fields has not kept pace with demand, creating a highly competitive job market.

it talent is the key to success for Businesses in Great Falls, MT!


Like Samurai who are honor-bound to protect, our Support Team solves IT problems and issues with a warrior-like spirit.

Technology Alignment Manager

Analyzing networks and implementing standards all in a single bound! Our Technology Alignment Managers are the super heroes of uptime, compliance, performance and security!


Threat vectors, data loss, intrusion prevention oh my! Our network & security operations center team stays vigilant to keep you backed up, productive and protected.


Meet our master builders!

Design, build and roll-outs with ease. First Call’s engineers make the pieces and parts fit together into solutions!


These guys love it when a plan comes together! Combining business requirements and technology solutions to make a positive impact on your organization.

Think of them as your own Chief Information Officer.

Application Specialists

Its one thing to buy a new tool like a phone system or Office 365.  Its another thing to get that tool and your people working together to produce better results.

Our friendly Application Specialists deliver operational boosts!

Cyber Security Engineers

Our Security Engineers work behind the scenes, monitoring network activity, responding to alerts, deploying patches and improving security posture. These are the folks watching over your business’s security network whether its 8×5 or 24×7.

IT Solution Advisor

Finding, researching, and purchasing the right products for your business can be time consuming and a big risk/waste of money if not executed properly! Our IT Solution Advisors are specifically tailored for these tasks and help to find you the right products to fit your needs!

Design Engineers

Our design engineers design IT and Voice solutions for the current and future needs of customers and prospects. These guys require extensive technical, project estimating, vendor coordination, and sales engineering skills. You’re in good hands! 

A Reliable IT Partner

We help Great Falls businesses enjoy their work and get more time outside! For businesses in and around beautiful Great Falls, MT, there is no better solution for IT problems and growing pains.

At First Call Computer Solutions, we tailor our services to fit your specific business challenges.  Our goal is to eliminate friction and create a work environment where your technology works how it should every time with no down time.

Explore your options on how we can save your Great Falls, MT business money and headache with our world-class IT service solutions.

Serving the Great Falls area

IT Services that let your


Great Falls Business thrive.

Great Falls, MT’s Premier IT Service Provider

IT Services your business cannot live without.

It’s not hard to understand why people want to live and do business in Great Falls. The community has so much to offer from bustling business districts to delicious places to meet and retreat.

It also offers the quality of life: outdoor adventures, gorgeous mountain ranges, skiing, hiking and the Gallatin, Madison and Yellowstone Rivers.


Whether you want to outsource IT completely or augment your team with ours. We make IT results better.

Done-FOR-YOU IT Services: Ensuring Smooth Business Operations

Our Done-For-You managed IT services provide businesses in the Bitterroot Valley with proactive and reactive support for their IT systems, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations. With our expert team monitoring your systems 24/7, you can rest assured that any issues will be detected and resolved before they cause downtime or data loss.

DONE-WITH-YOU IT Services: Partners with Your IT Department

As a trusted IT partner, we provide expert guidance on IT strategy and technology planning to help you make informed decisions for your business. From system assessments and audits to IT roadmaps and budgeting, our consulting services enable you to leverage the latest technology and optimize your IT investments. Then expand your bench with expert support and services.

Advanced Cybersecurity SHIT: Protecting Your Business from Threats

Cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses in today’s digital landscape, and our cybersecurity solutions are designed to keep your data and systems secure from threats. From anti-virus and anti-malware protection to firewall and network security, we provide comprehensive solutions to keep your business safe.

Unified Communications: Optimizing Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are critical for any business, and our communications solutions enable you to stay connected with your team and clients from anywhere. With advanced features like video conferencing, virtual meeting rooms, and mobile apps, you can stay productive and connected even when working remotely.

Microsoft 365: Managed Cloud Services

First Call helps organizations across America embrace Microsoft 365 for email, file management, phone systems, cybersecurity, help desk, advice, and easy billing. Our goal is to help people make the technical shift, save money and create operational boosts – all while improving their cybersecurity posture and even regulatory compliance.

Managed Services Provider for Great Falls, MT

First Call Computer Solutions focuses on real results.  No matter what your business IT challenges are, First Call Computer Solutions will provide options for streamlined operations.

Cybersecurity, network configuration, cloud services, if your business is not set up to function around all aspects of IT, problems are sure to arise.  Partner with a company who proactively seeks out possible problems to ensure your business never hits a snag.

Great Falls, MT is a growing, thriving city.  Keep your business growing and thriving with a world-class IT relationship and First Call Computer Solutions.

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