As a Home Health and Hospice agency, Partners In Home Care, Inc is passionately committed to assisting patients and families in achieving optimal health, independence, and comfort through high-quality, cost-effective home and community health-related services.

Industry: Healthcare
Company Size: 180 Users
Location: Missoula, MT


It is hard to lose long-time team members. That is why when Partners In Home Care lost their IT Manager of 28 years, the leadership team was put on alert. Fortunately, they decided to embrace thinking outside the traditional IT box!

With this new perspective brought on by the departure of a key role, they knew that restructuring of the IT department was inevitable.

In order to continue the aggressive growth Partners In Home Care has been experiencing, they would need to recover that brain share quickly! They needed to get their heads wrapped around their current IT within their organization’s patient care. “Management was put on notice if you know what I mean” states Tammy Mercer, Director of Clinical Services.

IT Manager Transition

Embrace Change

Keep up with Growth


The first step in this process was to audit the IT function at Partners in Home Care.  The IT Department boasts 2 imminently capable IT resources that keep the wheels on, so when Tammy reached out to First Call to perform an IT audit those conversations turned into a conversation about IT Strategy and how First Call’s Managed Services provides an experienced advocate for the leadership team to help them navigate IT strategy and budget planning, it seemed to be a good fit.  Tammy, is fond of saying, “all this IT language just sends me to France and I don’t speak French. It is a relief to have partnered with professional translators”.

First Call’s Super Power Managed Service and Streamlined IT Service creates the perfect blend of services to fully support and empower Partners in Home Care’s IT team to manage and support organizational user’s computing needs and specialize in application support and unique IT needs while outsourcing the execution and monitoring of more traditional IT practices like backups, firewall monitoring, patching and updates to First Call’s team. With the added value of a technical, strategic resource to help with setting IT strategy to align with Partners In Home Care corporate goals, Tammy is confident in her ability to lead IT into the next phase of growth.

Audit of IT Function

Backup Solutions
Patches & Updates


“In the last 20 years, our IT department operated with a frugal mindset on a tight budget. The previous manager was really good at working as a non-profit and doing more with less.  Growing pains and demands for IT support increasing at a pace we could not keep up with, we recognized suddenly that we could not continue to manage IT with our current structure. First Call presented us with a path leading to state-of-the-art technology, professional IT standards to guide us, and the expertise that could bring us into the 21st century for strategic planning and budgeting all while extending IT resource availability without expanding our internal headcount. It made a lot of sense and our position had us primed for an option like this…it just fit and was exactly what we needed. It was the right call.”
*Quote from: Tammy Mercer, Director of Clinical Services

Director of Clinical Services, Partners in Home Care

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