Done WITH You IT is designed for companies that already have internal IT and would like to keep it that way. It’s intended for savvy folks that want to leverage the years of experience and mature tools that an outside company can provide while maintaining the comfort of having in-house IT available.

When executed well, Done WITH You IT can rapidly turn around an IT department, eliminate management stress and help drive down costs. There are several signs you might need Done WITH You IT; here are 5 of them.

1. Are you throwing bodies at the problem?

A common problem we see with organizations is that when something is going wrong with IT, a frequent solution is to throw bodies at it. Many IT issues are popping up, users can’t work, and downtime, there is smoke off the distance.

Rather than simply hiring more team members, a savvy manager will have an IT partner evaluate why the issues are happening. Then said partner would determine whether something is systemically wrong and causing the problems.

Investigate the source of the fires rather than hiring more firefighters.

2. Do you know how your IT team is spending its time?

As a manager of IT people myself, it is critical to understand what my team is doing, where they are, and how long they plan to be there. This data needs to be real-time and be accessible to me. Without this information, I would not have the ability to assess how much work is actually completed or how many resources I genuinely need. Is my team working on what they should be? Am I going to need to hire another technician soon, or am I possibly overstaffed? All important questions, when left without answers, can lead to bad outcomes.

3. Finding it challenging to keep up with tech trends?

Technology moves fast; this is no secret, no huge revelation. However, someone needs to be keeping up on it though. In your organization, not having up-to-date information on the latest technology can lead to bad strategic decision-making or throwing away money on out-of-date technology. If you have time to comb through hundreds of tech news articles and reports every week, more power to you, but this is pretty rare.

Co-managed IT partners help bridge this gap. It’s our job (and passion) to stay up to date on this information. When we recommend something, we make sure that a technical team has evaluated it with a long-term plan in mind.

4. Struggling with direction and how to move your technology forward?

If you are in the position to make purchasing decisions for your organization, you know how critical it can be to make the correct decision the first time. IT is expensive, and mistakes make it even more so.

But aside from that, how do you know where you will be getting the best bang for your buck? Do you have someone helping with a long-term strategy, establishing a budget that makes sense, or helping keep your technology aligned with industry standards?

A Co-Managed IT partner can assist with long-term planning. Make a good plan now, and it will pay dividends later.

5. Trying to reinvent the recipe?

There are several ingredients to creating a successful IT department. Just like there are several ingredients for baking a chocolate cake. If you want either of things to come out well, you don’t start by flinging eggs and IT people into a bowl and hoping to come out with something edible.

Remote control/management, documentation, backups, antivirus, patching, security, edge, cloud resources, etc. These are all things that go into a successful IT department. Trying to assemble this on your own is just like reinventing the (costly) recipe.

Co-Managed IT provides the recipe and the ingredients. Don’t waste time and money trying to reinvent the recipe yourself.

We have been in the co-managed IT space for decades. Let us show you the recipe.

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