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Are you a financial institution manager, IT leader, or finance professional worried about the increasing cybersecurity risks targeting your organization?

Search no more – Introducing First Call Computer Solutions, your trusted partner in fortifying your financial firm’s cybersecurity framework and upholding the security of your client’s sensitive information.

At First Call Computer Solutions, we empathize with the distinct challenges faced by financial institutions in the realm of cybersecurity. Our all-encompassing solutions are meticulously crafted to align with the requirements of organizations like yours in the financial sector, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, data confidentiality, and seamless business operations.

Secure your customer’s financial data and other regulatory frameworks.

Cyber Assurance

Fortify your business’s defenses against cyber threats.

Data Breaches and Customer Privacy

A cyber attack can lead to the exposure of sensitive customer data, including personal information and financial details. This can result in identity theft, fraud, and potential legal liabilities for the financial institution.

Ransomware and Cyberattacks

Financial Institutions face the risk of ransomware attacks and other forms of cyberattacks that can disrupt operations, compromise customer data, and result in financial losses. They seek solutions to defend against such attacks and ensure business continuity.

Regulatory Penalties

The financial industry is subject to strict regulatory requirements regarding data security and privacy. Failing to adequately protect against cyber attacks can result in regulatory fines, legal actions, and compliance issues.

Operational Disruptions

Cyber attacks can disrupt critical systems, leading to operational downtime and service outages. This can impact customer access to accounts, online services, and other financial operations.

Financial Losses

One of the most immediate and tangible impacts of a cyber attack is financial losses. Attackers might steal funds directly from accounts, execute fraudulent transactions, or manipulate markets to their advantage. These losses can be substantial and erode investor and customer confidence.

Lawsuits and Legal Actions

Customers, investors, and partners affected by a cyber attack may pursue legal action against the financial institution. Lawsuits can result in significant financial liabilities and damage to the institution’s reputation.

Reputation Damage

The financial industry relies heavily on trust and reputation. A cyber attack can severely damage the reputation of a financial institution, eroding the trust of clients, partners, and investors. Rebuilding trust can be a long and challenging process.

Loss of Intellectual Property

Financial institutions may possess proprietary trading algorithms, strategies, and other intellectual property. A cyber attack that results in the theft of this intellectual property can lead to competitive disadvantages.

By understanding and addressing these business risks, financial institutions can prioritize cybersecurity investments and adopt appropriate solutions to safeguard their operations, protect customer’s data, ensure compliance, and maintain the trust of their stakeholders.

Take the First Step Towards Secure Financial Operations

Are you ready to take a proactive stance in safeguarding your financial institution from cyber threats? Let’s kickstart the process by setting up a personalized consultation with the experts at First Call Financial Security.

During our chat, we’ll delve into the specific details of your organization, address any questions you have, and craft a tailored cybersecurity blueprint that not only fits your budget but also caters to the unique demands of the financial industry.  We’re committed to being your trusted companion in navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity within the financial sector.

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Key Functions of the Financial Industry

In the financial sector, it is absolutely essential to establish robust cybersecurity measures to mitigate these risks and ensure the seamless flow of financial services, safeguard sensitive financial data, uphold operational efficiency, and protect the industry’s reputation in the ever-present landscape of cyber threats.

Transaction Integrity

Cyber attacks can disrupt or manipulate financial transactions, leading to financial loss, inaccurate records, and undermining trust in the industry’s integrity.

Data Confidentiality

Breaches can expose sensitive customer information, compromising privacy and leading to identity theft or fraudulent activities.

Operational Continuity

Attacks on critical systems can lead to downtime, hampering day-to-day operations and affecting the industry’s ability to provide services.

Market Stability

Manipulation of trading systems or dissemination of false information can create market instability, impacting investor confidence and financial stability.

Regulatory Compliance

Cyber attacks can result in non-compliance with regulatory standards, exposing financial institutions to legal actions, fines, and reputational damage.

Risk Management

Cyber threats can undermine risk assessment and management processes, leading to incorrect decision-making and increased vulnerability.


Successful attacks can tarnish the reputation of financial institutions, eroding customer trust and loyalty, and impacting long-term viability.


Financial Fraud

Cyber attacks can facilitate various forms of financial fraud, including payment card fraud, wire fraud, and Ponzi schemes, leading to financial losses for both institutions and customers.

Digital Services

Attacks on online platforms and mobile apps can disrupt digital services, affecting customer experience and potentially leading to customer attrition.

Interconnected Systems

Many financial systems are interconnected, and a breach in one institution can lead to a cascading effect across the industry, amplifying the overall impact.


Partners We Work With

First Call Computer Solutions works with Industry Association leaders in Montana to better support and stay up to date on the changing needs of Financial Institustions.

Our goal is to provideide consistent, dependable IT & Cybersecurity support and reliability. The Financial Industry is such a crucial component of many Montana communities. Safe, secure, and streamlined processes and systems help keep your employees, shareholders, customers and members safe and assured.

Companies We Work With


Why Choose First Call?

At First Call Computer Solutions, we understand the unique challenges rural hospitals face when it comes to cybersecurity. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored specifically to meet the needs of healthcare organizations like yours, ensuring HIPAA compliance, data privacy, and uninterrupted patient care.


Expertise in Financial Institute's Cybersecurity:

With years of experience serving Montana Credit Unions and Banks, we possess an in-depth understanding of your specific cybersecurity requirements. Our team of dedicated professionals knows the intricacies of the Financial industry, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions that align with your organization’s goals.


Cutting-Edge Protection Against Cyber Threats:

Our state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions are designed to combat the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. We employ advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, and proactive measures to shield your hospital’s network from ransomware, data breaches, and other malicious attacks.


Seamless Integration and Support:

We understand that implementing new cybersecurity measures can be a complex process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth integration of our solutions into your existing systems. We provide comprehensive training, reliable customer support, and ongoing monitoring to address any concerns or issues that may arise.


Compliance Assurance:

We recognize the importance of adhering to regulatory frameworks, such as ICBA and NCUA. Our solutions are developed with compliance in mind, providing you with peace of mind and reducing the risk of penalties and reputational damage associated with non-compliance.

Protecting Your Organization and Meeting Your Industry’s Regulation Requirements Can Be Challenging.


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