How do you currently view your business phone system?


Is it flexible and adaptable, or a stubborn mule that refuses to budge?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your current system worked with you rather than against you? Many business owners are unaware of how embracing a modern voice solution will benefit their business. Others are skeptical about the new technology. This article will provide you with three reasons why it is time to ditch your handsets and make the switch to a cloud-based phone system instead.

For those unfamiliar, cloud-based phone systems are voice solutions that run on applications installed on your PCs or mobile devices. They do not require any additional equipment, and while you may still choose to use a physical handset with a cloud-based solution, many users prefer not to. Cloud-based phone systems offer most of the same capabilities as a traditional phone system, including call routing, auto attendants, direct dialing, call queues, and call park. In addition, maintenance on a cloud-based system is far more convenient than that of a traditional system. The cloud-based software is easy to update and patch and tends to be much more user-friendly when adding and removing users. Here are a few other reasons why we think cloud-based phone systems are pretty cool.

1. Work From Anywhere


Ever since the start of COVID, the age of remote workers has been upon us and does not show any signs of ceasing. Employees who work remotely or are often on the road (such as Outside Sales, Owners, and Executives) will thank you for switching to a cloud-based phone system. In the past, out-of-office workers and their companies have struggled to find an optimal way to make and receive work calls. If you chose to rely on a VoIP phone system, then your remote workers either had to set up their offices near an ethernet jack or run a wire across their home (lovely🙄). If you asked your workers to rely on their home phone or cell, then you end up creating a work culture that promotes a poor work-life balance. In addition, if you chose to provide a company cell phone for these workers, you then increased your costs of doing business and risked unanticipated expenses (plus, who likes to carry around two cell phones these days?).

Since cloud-based phone systems only require access to a device connected to the internet, they negate the need for any extra, bulky equipment, wires, and devices. By simplifying your voice solution, you will create a happier remote workforce at your organization. Bye-bye, desk phone. Bye-bye jungle of wires. Bye-bye, unnecessary business expenses.

2. Grows With You


Most new businesses have big aspirations. You may start in a modestly sized office space, or, hey, in your parent’s basement. But, with just a couple of staff members and a bit of luck, your business will eventually take off, and you will need to make your first move. Next up, a larger location and hiring more staff! Over time, your business will hopefully experience a few more of these growth spurts. Watching your business grow is exciting, but it also has its pains. Regarding your phone system, some pains might include purchasing and configuring new equipment, moving equipment to new locations, and maybe even hiring a contractor to move the physical lines (yikes).

Another fantastic benefit of a cloud-based phone system is its ability to scale with your business efficiently. Adding new users to a cloud-based system is a breeze compared to a traditional system. Additionally, since a cloud-based system does not require any special hardware (outside your PCs and mobile devices), you will not need to worry about moving any additional equipment or physical lines!


3. Simplify Your Workspace


Take a moment to look at your workspace. Is it cluttered and chaotic or simple and orderly? Many studies have suggested that maintaining a neat and clutter-free workspace is a catalyst to productivity and can even help fight depression and anxiety. Now, we all understand how keeping your desk clear of random papers, coffee cups, and your cat can be difficult, but being able to cut down on the number of larger, bulkier items, such as (cough cough) your desk phone, is a whole other deal! (Plus, Mittens needs a dedicated space to watch you work).

By choosing a cloud-based phone system, you can help promote a more Zen atmosphere and help promote a healthier working environment. Your staff will thank you; your cat will thank you, and you will thank you.

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