Locally owned, patient-focused dental clinic. They have been located in the Southgate Mall in Missoula, Montana since 1982 and moved to its current location in 2008. While the storefront looks like a little “Mom and Pop” dental office there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Family Dental Group is a 5800-square-foot, state-of-the-art dental clinic that has 8 dental operatories, an on-site dental lab, and a robust IT infrastructure.

The patient is at the center of everything they do. The clinical, administrative, and IT systems are all designed to enable the doctors and hygienists to do what they love most, spending time with their patients. If a system is not going to enhance the patient experience, it does not get deployed. You won’t see industry fads or tech for the sake of tech at Family Dental Group. Patients recognize the value as you can see by their reviews.

This is a highly collaborative environment where the best outcomes for the patient are the first priority. Each doctor is able to focus on their strengths and refer patients to other dentists in the practice who may have the expertise the patient needs. As a very well-equipped, small group practice focused on personalized dentistry, Family Dental Group delivers nearly twice the range of services most general dentists are able to offer. They don’t hesitate to refer cases to highly skilled specialists when necessary. The mantra “Do what is best for your patient” guides every action at Family Dental Group.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Missoula, MT

“Our IT management before First Call was much more ad hoc.
Generally, we just called in support when we had problems, or if we were upgrading systems.  First Call has transitioned us to a more planned and managed support architecture. It is personalized to make the best use of our in-house IT resources by backstopping in-house expertise while ensuring we have ready access to more specialized capabilities when needed.  An advantage of working together for 12 years is First Call knows our blind spots, and they pay extra attention to those areas.”
Shawn Modula

Co-Owner, Family Dental Group


Before becoming a client of First Call, Family Dental Group partnered with a one-man IT shop in Missoula with limited ability to provide support, tools, and reliability for their growing network.

FDG was in dire need of a strong team of experts to help manage their technology. Rather than relying on one person to give them peace of mind, they needed experts to lean on, get their IT in order and maximize up-time.

Limited IT support - Previously partnered with a one-man IT shop

In need of Experts

Reduce Issues to maximize time for Patients


Remote Support Tools

License Management

Network Monitoring

Robust Documentation System


FDG was looking for a “bench of talent” to help manage their IT so the business could operate more smoothly and reliably with greater uptime.

First Call Employed a suite of managed services including network monitoring, license management, remote support tools, and a robust documentation system that helped manage IT cheaper and more efficiently.  Shawn (FDG co-owner)appreciates First Call’s technical and administrative flexibility and trusts that First Call can handle any technical issue in his absence.

“You’ve got to trust your attorney, your priest, and your IT Guy.”

Shawn Modula

Co-Owner, Family Dental Group


“One word, Uptime” – The client appreciates our tools, processes, and flexibility that have kept his network online over the last 12 years.

First Call has made license management easier, remote support faster, cheaper and better. Family Dental Group has a much more resilient network now. Hyper-V hosting has improved uptime and performance.   It has also given them a more flexible network without investing in multiple physical servers.

Less hardware = Less cost and complexity.

Family Dental Group has been with First Call for over 10+ Years. (Since 2008)

“One of the last things I’m worried about when going to the back country is if my IT is working as it should – keeping First Call on the bench is a good investment for us.”
Shawn Modula

Co-Owner, Family Dental Group

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