There are a lot of different solutions out there for what is needed to work remotely, but the outcome should always be the same. Happy employees means happy customers and happy business owners! Although the solutions may change and the options may seem endless, basic business needs will always be the same. You need the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with anyone in the organization without fail, the ability to share information safely and securely, and the ability to monitor employee and project progress and hold everyone accountable for their work.  

Below, I have outlined the tools necessary to build a top notch remote workforce. As I had mentioned, there are a variety of solutions out there, and it is important to consider solutions that fit your businesses specific needs.  

1.  Mobile Hardware β€“ Don’t let your employees down by making them responsible for finding their own equipment. It is important to provide them with access to physical tools and hardware they may need if they were in a traditional office environment.  

  • Computer 
  • Smartphone
  • Strong Internet Access / Connection 

2. Virtual Collaboration and Communication Tools β€“ These tools are essentially the lifeline of working remotely. 

  • Email tools  
  • VoIP (i.e Allworx)
  • Office365
  • Video Conferencing (i.e BlueJeans, Dolby, etc.) 
  • File Sharing (Cloud) 

3. Project Management Tools β€“ These tools allow for employees to set goals and tasks, track progress and check off completed work. Employees are responsible for their own duties, and Managers are able to hold them accountable for projects and deadlines. 

  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Monday.com 
  • Basecamp 

4. Cybersecurity β€“ With the increase of remote working employees, there has also been a rise in cyberattacks and hacking. Within the walls of the office, businesses are secure behind firewalls and cybersecurity software, but this now needs to extend outside to all employees.  

  • Virtual Private Network (PVN) 
  • Multi-factor Authentication 
  • Real-Time Security Monitoring (i.e Web ID) 
  • Cybersecurity Software
    • Antivirus, anti-malware, firewall, etc. 
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