(So many RED Flags!)

While many of the additional consulting/advisement roles are important, the primary reason folks look for outside IT services is for the Help Desk. Where do you go when things are broken? Who do you turn to when that critical piece of software isn’t producing the output you need? Who is there in the middle of the night when your presentation is tomorrow and you can’t print? The answer to all of these questions is the Help Desk. Having this key component performing the way you need it to is critical. Below you will find a few red flags to indicate that your Help Desk might not be up to snuff.

1. Does the Help Desk make your problem their problem?

If you are reaching out to the Help Desk, chances are, it’s not the high point of your day. This can be made all the worse by then being ‘helped’ by someone with as much interest in your problem as they have in getting another hole in the head. If you do not feel like your Help Desk has your back and is on your team, you need a new Help Desk.

“It may not be our fault, but it’s our problem, own it

First Call Computer Solutions

This is quite literally written on the walls of First Call’s offices. We believe it, we manage to it, we live it.

2. Do you have to explain yourself over and over again?

It seems like once would be enough, but how many times have you had to explain your situation over and over when trying to resolve an issue? This is a common complaint of Help Desk users and one that can make the whole process of getting help exhausting. If this has become the norm from you, it might be time to switch.

3. Do you have to babysit your problem?

It’s bad enough to deal with a technology problem, but when you have to babysit your issue things can go from annoying to infuriating. Are you unclear on when to expect help? Are you stuck with a “we will help you between 8 am and 4 pm on Friday” type response? When your issue does get worked, are you informed? Do you know what the next steps are? Is this all making your crazy?! It might be time to seek help elsewhere.

4. Do you feel bad for asking for help? 

What kind of reception are you getting when you do have to ask for help? Are you greeted by a cheerful ready-to-help voice or does it feel like you are bothering someone? Getting help from your Help Desk should not feel like you are asking for a favor nor should the person helping you act like they have things they would rather be doing. If this describes your current situation, it’s time to find a new partner.

5. Do your issues get resolved?

The last and probably most important thing on this list: Are the issues you are reporting getting resolved? A common Help Desk problem is issues dragging on and on. Sometimes there is no real desire to get the issue resolved on the tech side, sometimes the fix requires comprehensive planning and a set schedule to get fixed and there is just no drive from the Help Desk to do this. Still other times there is a workaround for the problem and that is considered good enough.   

Don’t get stuck settling for sub-par results. Find a partner that fulfills your needs in Help Desk and not just in other areas of IT. At First Call, one of our core values is ‘Accept nothing less than ‘A’ level outcomes’ — what we mean by this is we don’t cut corners, we don’t look for the easy way out, we do what needs to be done, and if it’s not done right, it’s not done.

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