You may have heard the saying, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you believe in this law of averages, you could say those five people help shape who you are, where your life succeeds or fails, and where you focus your attention. This small group of people could either be a massive detriment to the quality of your life or a means of skyrocketing your life to the Wonder Woman or Super Man level!

Typically, this law of averages has been applied to personal growth, but why not apply it to your business?

Why not skyrocket your company to Superpower level?

Sounds pretty dang great! Let’s give it a go! But how does a person know if they have the right people driving their business growth?

It’s pretty simple, dare I say 1, 2, 3?


1. Determine what your business’s Superpower level looks like.


2. Determine the core business functions needed to achieve Superpower level.


3. Determine if the people managing those functions will lift you to the level you want to achieve.

What does this typically look like in an organization?

Many organizations have a visual of how their Superpower level should look. They usually know they need essential expertise in business acumen, financial acumen, operational acumen related to their field of service, and now more than ever, information technology acumen. However, depending on the organization’s size, one or more of those areas may be severely lacking. Typically, it is in the IT arena where expertise has the largest gap.


So let’s talk about what a typical small business may look like in an example…

  • Company XYZ is a company of 15 employees who make widgets for kids.
  • CEO Bob can masterfully manage the business in its current state. He outsources his finances to a team of experts and has a master widget-maker overseeing his operations.
  • Bob pays an IT Managed Services Partner to oversee his technology and make sure anti-virus, backups, and updates are moving along successfully.
  • CEO Bob decides what technology he should buy each year. The IT Managed Services company procures and installs the technology.


It appears like things are moving along for Company XYZ.

Still, the technology doesn’t seem to be working well or helping the business achieve its Superpower level. What is missing is the company’s vision’s alignment and the technology the business uses to operate its business.

Bob knows where he wants to go, and his IT Partner helps him buy technology. Still, Bob is the wrong resource to make technology decisions. A CIO with business acumen and technical acumen is needed to help Bob make the right strategic investments!


A CIO sounds excellent! Let’s hire one immediately!

Except at Company XYZ’s size, it would not be fiscally responsible for hiring a dedicated resource for this decision-making. Even a company with 200 employees is typically too small to budget funds for a CIO.

Bob does a little digging and finds a Superpower Managed IT Partner. They already include what they call a vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer). In other words, an outsourced CIO is now a part of Bob’s team! A dedicated CIO becomes affordable to Company XYZ, and Bob moves his services to the new company.


Fast forward one year later, Bob has consistent quarterly strategy meetings for Company XYZ. In those meetings, he has his company’s financial resources, operational resources, and his vCIO from the Super Power Managed IT Partner to help decide where the company needs to change and grow. Throughout the year, Bob consults each of these resources on decisions. Bob realizes this was his best year at the end of the year. He is on an upward trajectory toward his Superpower vision!

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