Montana’s Credit Unions exists to promote and enhance a thriving credit union community. To fulfill this duty to their members, they have partnered with First Call Computer Solutions, one of Montana’s top Managed Service Providers.

As technology evolves, cyber security threats increase, and regulatory compliance is enforced, the Montana Credit Union network leaders decided it was time to bring in a strategic technology partner to help their members take on IT with confidence. 

“We are very pleased to expand our partnership with First Call and provide our credit unions in MT with superior computer services!”
– Ranel Smith-VP Relationship Management

First Call Computer Solutions has been tried, tested, and has proven to be a valuable asset to the network. In addition, they are a great cultural fit for Montana Credit Unions! First Call focuses on building relationships rather than being a faceless remote vendor.

With over 20 years of experience within the industry, First Call works tirelessly to serve the members of the Montana Credit Union Network and is looking to expand further to help more Credit Unions across Montana!

Below are just a few of the wonderful clients First Call has the pleasure of working with:


Montana Credit Unions have talented resources, but as they grow, whether it be the number of employees or locations, it can often lead to one or more resources within their organization wearing too many hats and trying to take on the role of managing their IT.


First Call has IT talent!

With over 50+ dedicated Technology experts, First Call can help Montana Credit Unions get back to focusing on their business goals, and worry less about shouldering the weight of technology!


If you are experiencing gaps in IT skills, ongoing IT challenges, or roadblocks in your IT growth, it is time for an IT Partner to help shoulder the work.

· Are your internal communications suffering?
· Are updates to your software creating unresolved issues?
· Are you planning for tech changes in the future?


Don’t let day-to-day IT management drag your resources down, or waste time and money, contact the professionals at First Call

Learn More About First Call’s Services:

Let's Work Together!

Schedule a discovery meeting with Meg Ross, Business Development Director for First Call, and discuss how First Call can help you solve your Credit Union’s IT frustrations!


Schedule a discovery meeting with one of our Advance Cybersecurity Expert to discuss how First Call can help you start YOUR Security Transformation!

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