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Montana credit unions have Talent 

Such wonderful talent. The talent you have and the work they do is a big part of why Credit Union members choose their Credit Union and stay with them.  It’s the Tellers, Loan Officers, Executives, and Associates who work hard every day to serve their member’s needs across loans, credit cards, mobile banking, savings, checking, etc.


Credit Union Operations are challenging!

The day-to-day operations of a Credit Union can be overwhelming.  It takes a lot of people, processes, tools, and varying skills to make it work for members, government regulations, and the bottom—line.  

Executives need to keep the end users, processors, trustees, and regulators all happy.

The IT Function is juggling a wide variety of systems, departmental needs, and end-user help desk issues all while trying to maintain IT compliance, cybersecurity, and the new stuff the organization needs to be implemented. 

it talent is key to success for montana credit unions!

Montana Credit Unions are diverse in terms of their size and scope.

Small Credit Unions struggle with meeting their IT needs because they aren’t large enough to hire internally and the outside resources they typically deal with are either expensive/out of state or they are local but can’t handle the depth and breadth of their needs across IT Help Desk, Projects, Compliance, Cybersecurity, Backups, etc.

Larger Credit Unions with internal IT staff have too much to do (planning, budgeting, fixing issues, adding new infrastructure, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity, procurement) and not enough specialists to get it done.  Specialists are hard to hire and even tougher to train up given the work demands and the out of State companies never seem to be the right fit for Montana Credit Unions and can’t flex the way that is needed.

first call has it talent

& the montana credit union network is bringing it to members!

First Call Computer Solutions is the only IT Service Provider in Montana approved and vetted by MCUN to work with their members. The Montana Credit Union Network and Credit Unions across Montana have put their shoulders together to strengthen their technology, solutions, and security!

Technology, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance are in a constant state of evolution. The Montana Credit Union Network has set a strategic partnership with First Call Computer Solutions giving small and large Montana Credit Unions the IT resources they need.

“We are very pleased to expand our partnership with First Call and provide our credit unions in Montana with superior technology services!” 

Ranel Smith

VP Relationship Management, Montana Credit Union Network

Let's explore what this partnership means:

Our IT Services

Many Credit Unions in Montana don’t have an IT person, let alone an entire IT Department. For those, a Done FOR You IT Department helps to shoulder the weight of the technology.

By outsourcing your IT, you can expect to see improvements in:




Security & Risk

Bottom Line

For larger Credit Unions with IT personnel, it’s the Done WITH You approach.

Working with a team of IT experts can help support your existing IT team by providing:

Vision & Planning

Security & Compliance

Infrastructure Projects

Support & Staff Augmentation

Improved Tools & Processes

Security. Hardening. Isn’t. Tough. Or, at least, it doesn’t have to be with the right cybersecurity partner. Cybersecurity assessments & implementation can help  you:

Identify/Close/Maintain Gaps

Regulatory Compliance

24/7/365 Protections

Risk Management and Recovery Capabilities


Proof you are doing what you say you are.

Do you know what to do if your communications go down at your business? Since the pandemic, Credit Unions have had to shift their approach to communications. We are no longer in the days of sitting behind a desk, doing business strictly from the office. Now more than ever, organizations are embracing flexible work solutions with new tools to collaborate and communicate.

There are numerous options for office communication systems. Do you know which one would work best for you?




Work from anywhere

Cloud, VOIP, PBX Solutions


Microsoft 365 can empower your Credit Union to improve communications, work flexibility, collaboration and regulatory compliance.  It’s a great cloud platform for Credit Unions when configured, managed and adopted well.

Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook


File Management and Collaboration

Regulatory Compliance

Disaster Planning Alignment

Improved communication, collaboration, and engagement.

some of first call’s happy montana credit union clients!

Meg Ross

Business Development Director – First Call Computer Solutions

Meet with Business Development Director, Meg Ross to discuss your IT, Cybersecurity, or Unified Communications needs!



your credit union has talent, we have it talent. submit the form below To discuss how we can put our shoulders together!

Conor Smith – CEO Firs Call Computer Solutions

Montana Credit Union Network – Annual Power up 2022


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